Static Control And ESD

The world is becoming more computerized every day. Microchips, sensitive electronics, tiny electronic components, and smaller and smaller processers have become essential to our world. They are used in airplanes, ships, phones, computers, medical equipment, military equipment, just to name a few. These parts have to be manufactured somewhere, and transported safely. After all, our modern world depends on it, and some of the most important equipment depends on these micro-electronics and chips working as intended. Unfortunately, there is one damaging pest that can invisibly ruin or destroy the function of these sensitive electronics- sparks. Yes, these are the same type of sparks that shock you when you open your car door. If static control mats, ESD mats, dissipative mats, or another method of static grounding is not used, workers can unintentionally shock and destroy these critical electronic components, without even knowing it! It is important to stay ahead of static, by using either a conductive or dissipative surface/ floor to ground your worker. Once you determine whether you need conductive or dissipative properties, you can use Wearwell’s spec’d products to remove static. Anti-static mats, floors, desktop surfaces, and more can save equipment from failing down the line. When vital equipment like ventilators are being made, be sure to take proper ESD anti-static precautions.