Cable Protection And Routing

Cables, hoses, and power lines are important for our modern world. They are used in theme parks, concerts, construction, new construction, energy exploration, as well as factories and manufacturing. Anywhere that someone might need power or fluids run from one central location to another. Many times, these cables are on the ground and/ or temporary. These hoses, cables, and power lines need protection- protection from being run over, sliced, crimped. But also protection for the people walking around these hoses and cables. These people need to be protected from tripping and having an injury caused by a stray cable. Cable protection is often used to accomplish both of these important goals of safety and continued productivity. Injuries from a slip, trip, or even near trip can easily cost a company tens of thousands of dollars over time. Due diligence always pays dividends. When routing your cable through an area, think ahead about what kind of equipment or personnel will come into contact with them.