Commercial use

Commercial facilities include medical, office, high-rises, apartment buildings, multi-use properties, hotels, and many more. These types of buildings tend to have high traffic areas at entrances, locker rooms, pools, hallways, and many more locations throughout a commercial setting. It is critical that these high traffic areas are safe, easy to walk on, and do not pose any type of floor hazard to the people in the building. Commercial buildings sometimes use sandpaper tapes, stair tapes, yellow safety tapes, and more to help with traction in high traffic areas, and visibility/ safety for personnel. It is important to keep these commercial areas clean, looking sharp, and most of all, safe to use. Commercial property managers need to look ahead to prevent slips, trips, and falls before they occur. In commercial entryways, be sure to have the proper products to clean people’s feet as they enter the building, disinfect shoes if necessary, and provide traction in wet, ice and snow.