Slip prevention

Many work, production, and manufacturing environments have areas of the operations that for one reason or another make the area slippery to work in. When this is not properly addressed, it can end up increasing the chances of a slip hazard. There may be overspray, fluids on the floor, wet floors, oily workstations, and it is important to have a non-slip environment where workers can walk confidently, plant their feet, and avoid slips. Slip resistance and slip proofing is key. When slip prevention is key, the floor is often the first place to look. There are many floors which do very poorly in slippery areas- ie concrete, metal, epoxy, etc. There are other floors that do great- for example rubber, specialized PVC, Grit, OSHA compliant floor cleats, and many more. Whatever the case, anti-slip floors and anti-slip mats are important to be sure slip prevention is being properly addressed, an workers are safe from slips, trips, and falls. Slip resistant mats and slip resistant floors come in all shapes and sizes. Wearwell carries a vast selection to address individual needs.