Drainage & Airflow

Many areas in factories or warehouses require drainage. There may be water, oil, or chemicals on the ground, constant overspray, or slippery fluids around workstations. For example, CNC machines should typically have some type of drainage around. Workers need to avoid hazards, avoid slips, and have a slip resistant workspace that lets fluids drain below, isolating the worker from the fluid or hazard. Aside from drainage, airflow can also be an important factor to consider for many reasons. Open hole mats allow for airflow, and there are also specific products for airflow on walkways (especially metal grates) and elevated grates where airflow is critical as a fire safety precaution. In especially slippery areas, drainage mats area an essential safety tool to avoid spending big money covering an injury. Drainage mats can be used in wet and dry areas, and some are used outside as well. Drainage mats are used in all sorts of environments, from workstations, grates, CNC, commercial poolside areas, painting facilities, food processing, and many more.