Runners refer to a wide variety of matting products, but most simply- a runner is typically a long mat that does not possess anti-fatigue properties. Runners are made to "run" the length of a hallway, floor, walkway, etc. They can also be used to run the length of a shelf, aisleway, office, and more. Runners encourage people to walk in a specific area, in a straight line, and can provide traction, floor protection, prevent fires, static dissipation, non-conductivity, and visibility among many uses. When people are walking over long distances, it is beneficial to have a runner as a guide, and to keep a single channel of walking through a facility. Runners keep people from wandering off, getting lost, and can easily lead workers to their workstations and back. Occasionally there are some anti-fatigue runners, but for the most part, runners are a thinner type of material that is tough enough to endure being walked on, day after day.