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  • Diamond-Plate SpongeCote

    "We are  major airline at Orlando International Airport and purchased Wearwell’s Diamond-Plate SpongeCote mats for our bag room I would like to thank [Sales Rep] who did the measurement for the matting and also [Customer Service] who went above and beyond to help us with this huge order on such short notice.  The mats were installed today and the measurement was spot on!  Thanks again to all the folks at Wearwell for such outstanding customer service."

     -Airline Customer

  •  “I recently acquired Wearwell Diamond-Plate SpongeCote mats for several areas in my store. We had not been using anti-fatigue mats, but soon after I installed them, my employees told me how much better they felt. At [our stores], most of the jobs require an employee to stand almost eight (8) hours per day. After working many years in this business, I know how tiring that can be, even if you’re wearing comfortable shoes. I’m thrilled to have found a practical and affordable solution to fatigue. This is especially important for the cashiers who don’t have an opportunity to walk around or sit down to relieve some of the stress, and in the pharmacy where everyone is constantly busy.

    These anti-fatigue mats have really given morale a boost, which translates into better customer service and hopefully, more business.”

    - Retail Customer
  • “We selected the Wearwell mats because of their known performance capabilities. Our employees have come to rely heavily on these products for comfort and safety. They are an integral part of [our] overall commitment to health and safety”

    - Auto Manufacturing Customer
  • “Complaints of fatigue and discomfort from standing have disappeared from the department since we installed Diamond-Plate mats.”

    - Aerospace Customer
  • “Wearwell was able to make a huge mat in a very unusual configuration for our parts assembly department. We didn’t even know that could be done. Because our employees had to move around a lot, they were always tripping over the small mats we used to have. When we mentioned that to Wearwell, they immediately offered us a custom solution. We’re so glad we went with Wearwell.”

    - Assembly Customer
  • Industrial WorkSafe

    “I recently acquired Wearwell® Industrial WorkSafe® mats for several areas in my store. We hadn’t been using anti-fatigue mats, but soon after I installed them, my employees told me how much better they felt. At our hardware store, most of the jobs require an employee to stand almost eight (8) hours per day. After working many years in this business, I know how tiring that can be, even if you’re wearing good shoes. Industrial WorkSafe® is practical, effective and keeps my guys happy.”

    - Retail Customer
  • Entrance Matting

    “Entrance and safety matting is extremely important in the restaurant industry. Entrance matting helps eliminate water spots on the floor and the risk of slip and fall accidents. Safety matting is also essential. We’ve found that it reduces workers comp and provides a comfortable place for workers to stand during long shifts. This is a small, but important employee benefit.”

    - Restaurant Customer
  • Tile-Top

    “For years I have been suffering from back pain and leg cramps. Although I visited my doctor regularly, this condition worsened because my livelihood hinges on my working on my feet for long hours. I tried everything from wearing extremely comfortable shoes, to shoe inserts, to sitting, perched on a high stool to complete framing jobs. Nothing worked. Then I met with a Wearwell Representative who suggested I try using Tile-Top SpongeCote anti-fatigue mats in the workshop and behind the front counter. What a difference these mats have made in my life. The leg cramps have gone away and I have very little back pain. I used to be so exhausted at the end of the day that I had no energy to follow my one passion, painting. Now, my back feels better, my legs don’t hurt and life is very good.

    Thank you Wearwell for designing a product that really works. I highly recommend Tile-Top SpongeCote for any person who stands to work.”

    - Assembly Customer
  • “Since our lab started using UltraSoft Tile-Top AM last year we’ve seen a big change in employee morale. In fact, the lab techs came in one morning and the mats weren’t there because the janitor forgot to put them back down after polishing the floor. That just about caused a riot. I quickly found them in our supply room and put them back in place—that made me hero for the day!”

    - Lab Customer
  • Ergodeck

    “The Ergo Deck you installed a couple of weeks ago is fantastic. The guys in production said they could tell a difference in the way they feel; one said that his knees have stopped hurting completely, and another that he could feel a big difference in his back and neck. So we thank you very much.”

    - Production Customer
    "A manufacturer that works with metal parts has a department where they make modifications to different components. The process creates an environment where a lot of oil is accumulating on the floor when the industrial athlete relocates parts from cart to working table or conveyor. They placed sorbent rags on the floor, but these get substantially wrinkled and move all over the place, causing high potential of slips and falls.  The manufacturer contacted Wearwell Inc., and love the solution of utilizing an ErgoDeck floor area. They were thrilled to have a surface solution that is open allowing the oil to pass through and offer traction in a highly slippery area. The bonus is it gives them the added benefit of ergonomic, anti-fatigue that you cannot get with concrete or absorbent pads."
    -metal parts manufacturer
  • Rejuvenator

    "To all of our friends at WEARWELL, thanks for hooking us up with our new Rejuvenator Squared Floor Mats. When we were building out our bike shop a little over a year ago and needed mats for our repair area, purely out of ignorance, I thought “what’s in a mat” and made my purchase from a large home improvement retailer. Not long after our grand opening it became clear that the chosen mats would not stand the test of the time. We just recently switched to your Rejuvenator and our world has literally changed. Installation was a breeze, the mats are infinitely more comfortable to stand on and cleanup is super easy. We pride ourselves on the look of our shop and the service area represents a  big part of our business. While I would have never thought it, high quality mats , have actually improved the aesthetics of our store. My only regret is that I didn’t make the change sooner.  

     Thanks again"

    -Owner, Retail Bicycle Shop 
  • “We emphasize the importance of ergonomic evaluations and preventative measures to reduce risk and workers compensation costs. I evaluate all products before recommending them because I like to offer my clients simple, yet effective solutions. That is one of the reasons that I highly recommend the purchase of Rejuvenator anti-fatigue mats for standing workers. This mat provides the perfect blend of comfort and resilience necessary to maintain circulation, and to keep workers energized and focused throughout their shift. The urethane compound is also much more resistant to environmental factors and designed to maintain these benefits longer than more common rubber compounds.”

    - Owner of Leading ergonomic consulting and training firms
  • WEARWELL Products

    “When we need a new mat, we order Wearwell because their mats outlast any others we’ve tried and they can get them to us fast.”

    - Owner, SouthStar Molding Company
  • “Wearwell ships orders much quicker than any of their competitors we’ve worked with in the past. Plus, we just don’t hear complaints about Wearwell mats and I can’t say that about the others.”

    - Supervisor, USPS
  • “I purchase safety products for a distribution company. Although we have hundreds of suppliers, Wearwell stands. When I need assistance, they make it easy and I can always hear the smile my account reps voice.”

    - Safety Product Manager, Industrial Distributor
  • “Kudos to you and your team for offering a superior, comfortable, quality product. I purchased 2 custom mats for a clinical lab chemistry department in front of high throughput analyzers. The transition from our existing mats is a welcomed relief. Thank you for a job well done.”

    - Hospital Customer