Heat & Spark Resistance

Many facilities or areas that manufacture have sparks flying. This might be cutting, robotics, welding, etc. Preventing fires is key in these types of areas like welding. Not only stray sparks, but hot metal shards, high temperatures, sparks touching equipment or the floor. Wearwell designs products to repel sparks and repel hot shards for these types of areas. Welding and areas that see heavy sparks and potential ignition dangers are not always uniform, and it can be important to have the option to customize a floor space that prevents damage from sparks and heat. Diamond Plate, WeldSafe mats, HT Runner (which is a thin spark repelling material) are all options to make an area that sees sparks and heat just a bit safer. It is key to prevent damage to the actual floor. Make sure whatever mat or floor you use has a high ignition point in these areas. Wearwell’s spark resistant products all have an ignition point of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.