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Our Story

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Wearwell, originally known as Tennessee Mat, was founded in 1950 by two entrepreneurial gents, Max and Charley, who saw an opportunity to convert old tires into high quality industrial mats for the standing worker. Some might say Wearwell was a “Green” company 40 years before sustainability became popular in the United States.

Wearwell continued to innovate for decades, developing new, safety-oriented products for standing workers throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s. Products like WorkSafe Light, the world’s first lightweight rubber drainage mat, helped cement Wearwell as a company committed to the health and welfare of workers.

By the early 1990s, workplace ergonomics was in high demand and Wearwell was at the forefront of the Ergonomic Revolution – a movement focused on fitting the workplace to the worker and maximizing health and productivity. Our game-changing DiamondPlate SpongeCote, the first truly industrial mat with sponge backing, offered workers the perfect blend of softness and resilience; it is still the #1 selling industrial mat of all time.

Today, patented products like Ergodeck’s secure interlocking system, GRIT SHIELD’s high-traction surface for oily environments and Rejuvenator’s near-indestructible construction serve as examples of Wearwell’s innovative spirit and dedication to solving the unique problems of industrial athletes everywhere.

Tell us your environmental challenges and we’ll work together to find a solution that protects your team for years to come.

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