Oil and Energy Exploration

Oil and energy exploration are among the toughest, and often, most dangerous industries.  Whether the energy sought after involves drilling or mining, safety is priority number one.   Products like insulative matting (also known as switchboard matting or non-conductive matting) and high traction surfaces play vital roles in injury prevention.

In the oil industry slippery walking surfaces are common and hazardous.  Gritted products give some temporary traction but wear with use and become slippery with saturation.  Cleats are a tried and true means to overcome such harsh conditions.  Our patented, ErgoDeck no-slip design provides a sure-footed work surface that’s engineered to last.

All forms of energy exploration involve power – high voltage power.  Personnel in those areas need protection.  Switchboard matting has a singular purpose- to protect personnel from life-threatening electrical shock.

On a rig or in the field, these tough applications require an even tougher solution.  As a US manufacturer, you can depend on Wearwell products to deliver.