Modular Flooring

People do not always stand when they work- they move around. Workers move back and forth, up and down, and may walk all around their workstation to complete their duties. When people are walking like this, they can tire quickly, and concrete can be a factor in soreness, painful legs, and overall decreased wellness resulting is slowed productivity of a worker. Workers need to be supported from the floor up, but sometimes a 2x3 or 3x5 mat just won’t work. The worker would have to walk off and then back onto the mat too many times during the course of their work to be safe. This is why modular flooring was created. Modular flooring is a floor that can be laid out over any floor, and is designed to cover large areas quickly. It connects in all 4 direction to create a seamless floor. Some modular floors are designed for drainage and wet areas, some are slip resistant to help workers walk with traction, and some are designed purely for anti-fatigue properties, and to be able to support the worker to perform at their best, day after day.