Industrial Athletes

Every day, millions of workers bend, reach, stand, and crouch – they give it their all because they're proud of what they do and where they work. They are industrial athletes. Improving their movement efficiency and comfort allows them to perform at their best.

We're industrial athletes too, and we give it our all to create the world's best ergonomic flooring and matting surfaces. Surfaces that reduce the repetitive impact of heavy boots, improve concentration by preventing fatigue, and help industrial athletes get more done and go home refreshed – every day.

Machining & Tooling

"As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing more perfect than an afternoon at the ballpark. From the infield to the outfield, there’s a real pride in how the field looks and how it plays. In my department, the bases are loaded with skilled machinists like me, but all the skill in the world isn’t enough to overcome the painful effects of working on concrete. How can we win on a field like that?"

– Patrick, Press Operator

General Manufacturing

"Back in my football days, I fought hard to hold the line for my teammates. Sometimes bad turf made it all but impossible. Now, I work hard on the line and the field conditions matter even more. How can I fight for my team when I’m constantly battling aches and pains? Sorry, but concrete just doesn’t cut it!"

– John, Lineman

Fulfillment & Distribution

"When I was on the tennis team, I really had to be on the ball. Reaching, spinning and lunging required an unbelievable amount of stamina on even the best of courts. I’ve long since traded my ball & racquet for parts & boxes, but the pressures and demands on my body sure hasn’t changed. How can I serve my customer on time, every time, working on hard concrete floors? Shin splints and body aches shouldn’t be part of the game!"

– Tracy, Fulfillment Associate

Oil Exploration & Refinery

"Back in the day, I was a force to be reckoned with on the ice. I was fast, aggressive, and nimble on the ice, but of course I had proper hockey skates and years of coaching. These days, I’m still dealing with icy, slick, cold surfaces. But now, one bad fall can cost me my livelihood. I’ve gone from relying on a slippery field to dreading it. I faceoff against the elements everyday on the rig. It’s a tough job and it’s made tougher when you know every step has the potential for disaster. There has to be a better way!"

– Elliot, Press Operator

Airline Baggage Handling

"I trained for years in track and field. My speed and agility has always served me well! I still enjoy running in my free time, but my skills truly come into play on the job. I know there’s nothing more frustrating than getting to your destination and finding out your luggage didn’t make it. It’s up to me to get your bags loaded and unloaded – fast and accurately! I try. I really do, but the constant back and forth across concrete really takes its toll and wears me down. It’s one hurdle I can’t seem to overcome."

– Steve, Baggage Handler

Pharmaceutical & Lab

"While I’ll never go pro, I do enjoy a nice round of golf on the weekend. From the tee box to the green, every shot counts. Unfortunately, no matter how solid my shot is, when the golf course is in lousy condition and the greens aren’t maintained , my scorecard reflects it. Bogey, bogey, double bogey…you get the idea. That’s a lot like my job. There’s no room for error in my field, and mental focus is critical. Standing on the hard lab floor all day, I struggle to focus on anything but my aching back. My insoles help, but they just aren’t enough!"

– Dawn, Lab Technician

Food Processing

"Basketball is my game. Every Saturday the boys and I get together. There isn’t one of them that can stay with me on the court. Pass me the ball and I’m a solid bet to make the winning shot. But Monday through Friday, it’s whole new ballgame. I work 40+ hours on a playing field that’s notoriously wet and slick. Every step I take, I have to be on guard against slips, falls, and cross-contamination. My health and the health of millions is up to me, but I simply can’t win on concrete. I lose, we all lose!"

– Bob, Food Processing Operator

Automotive Manufacturing

"Back in the day, I coached high school soccer. Although I traded my soccer cleats for work boots a long time ago, I still have a deep respect for the endurance and stamina it takes to run the field and score the winning goal. These days, my field of play is the automotive line…where I spend long periods leading my team of industrial athletes. Day after day, we all struggle to reach our production goals with the aches and strains—not to mention the injuries-- that come with working on concrete. What my team really needs is the right field of play for our line of work."

– Jim, Lead Lineman

Industrial Coach

Empowering Coaches to Support Their Teams

It’s my team. Ultimately it’s on me if we win or lose. Trust me, there’s nothing I want more than for each team member to be successful. They spend hours upon hours training, studying the playbook, sacrificing their time for the betterment of the team. I do my part with coaching, proper gear and equipment...whatever they need to perform at their peak. It’s crushing to do all of that and then see them come off the field defeated or even hurt because of a lousy playing surface.

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Wearwell surfaces help you perform better, stand stronger and work safer. We've studied the science of industrial ergonomics and developed surfaces that have been optimized for the way you move and the environments you work in.

Increase Productivity
Maximize worker performance.
reduce injuries
Reduce Injuries
Minimize injuries and absenteeism.
Prevent Trips & Falls
Prevent accidents before they happen.

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