5 Tips to Eliminate Contamination at Home & Work

5 Tips to Eliminate Contamination at Home & Work

The world is full of contamination!

While viruses and bacteria have only recently become a major concern, contamination has been infiltrating our homes and workplaces this entire time. Dirt, grime, and viruses can live on our shoes for days at a time. What are you doing to prevent them from entering your home or workplace?

scraper mat

1: Use an entrance mat:

Entrance mats are important because they are often the first line of defense for your home or workplace. The right mat encourages people to clean and scrape their shoes upon entry. Depending on your needs, you will need a different size or style entrance mat to upgrade your Home or Office.

(Pro Tip: If you live somewhere with sand, snow, or lots of mud, use a ‘slotted’ entry mat, like the 224 and 227-SLT, to let the crud pass through the openings!)




shoe scraper, boot scraper

  1. Have ashoe scraperfor the side dirt and grime

Having an established and visible shoe scraper is another way to subtly encourage individuals to clean their shoes at the front door and be mindful of what they might be bringing in. If you see one by the front door, it is hard to resist giving your shoes the ole’ scrub a dub! There are a lot of different shoe scrapers, some made for tennis, and others for golf. Then there are some made for nothing but chucking dirt and mud!  




sticky mat, clean room mat, tacky mat,

3: Use a clean room mat, disposable or permanent, to stop contaminants

Clean room mats are becoming more and more popular these days, and there is no wonder why! These mats remove particulates from the air and from shoes. Clean rooms mats have a ‘tacky’ surface, which means that they are sticky on the top. This sticky layer strips contaminants and old dust off your shoes as you walk over, leaving nothing but a dirty shoeprint behind! Not only are these mats sleek and hardworking, but they are lots of fun to use! You will laugh at how many people enjoy seeing their shoeprint of contamination tracking off behind them!

(Pro Tip: If you are looking for a permanent and re-cleanable solution, try 092. If you want the convenience of a disposable, use the 095)





sanitizing mat, disinfecting mat, clean room mat,

4: Use a shoe sanitizing mat for the tough stuff!

For the tough stuff at home and work, choose a shoe sanitizing mat. Some versions disinfect the soles of your shoes, while the Tall Wall version (shown on the right) allows for full immersion of the shoe/ boot into the sanitizing fluid. Simply fill cleaning solution to your desired height, then watch as thousands of rubber scrapers dislodge dirt and grime, while the disinfecting liquid fills in the gaps! If you need to be sure about what is getting in, nothing give you peace of mind like a Shoe Sanitizing mat!

(Pro Tip: Use a Standard Height shoe sanitizing mat for tennis shoes and ordinary shoes, and a Tall Wall shoe sanitizing mat for heavy duty rubber and work boots.)




5: Choose an Anti-microbial mat in your home, kitchen, and laundry room!

Your shoes are the filthiest thing you drag around with you on any given day. If there is one place dangerous germs are sneaking in, it’s on your shoes! If you wear your shoes inside the house, you’re applying a fresh coat of contamination on a daily basis! Who knows what could be marinating in that old kitchen or laundry mat of yours? If you are not using an Anti-Microbial mat in your home, GROSS!

Anti-Microbial mats have been tested to the strictest standards by the American Society of Testing and Materials, and have been proven to inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria! It's 2020 folks. Get An Anti-Microbial Mat

(Pro Tip: Use a 502419, or 423 mat in your kitchen, laundry room, or at your standing desk.)



Any one of these 5 would be an excellent addition to your home or workplace. Even the most basic precautions can make a huge difference in light of 2020. Stay safe everyone! www.wearwell.com

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