24/Seven® LockSafe® Grade A®

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Grade “A” mats are designed to combat fatigue while addressing specific issues unique to food production environments. 3’x3’ interlocking tiles have strong connections and are easy to lift and clean. The proprietary Nitrile compound passes NSF test ASTM G21-96 (2002), has GRAS status and is CFIA approved. Grade “A” gets an “A” for specialized food production applications. ‘Positive interlock’ allows the rubber tiles to lock in, while remaining easy enough to ‘unzip’ for reconfiguration.

For a workstation version of Grade A, check out our “Grade A Workstation mat”

  • 100% anti-microbial rubber for food production and processing
  • Meets the ASTM G21 standard for anti-microbial properties
  • Knob style under structure for superior drainage and support
  • Tiles interlock securely and come apart on demand for reconfiguration
  • Cover large areas quickly with food processing ergonomic floor
  • Color: Terra Cotta
  • Overall thickness 1/2”
  • 3’x 3’(91x91cm) rubber tiles
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Putting Together Wearwell Part Numbers
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Número de parte Descripción Color Diámetro Dimensiones Parte común UOM
582.58x3x3TC Terra Cotta 5/8" 3' x 3' Yes EA

Ramps and accessories

Número de parte Descripción Color Diámetro Dimensiones Parte común UOM
Female edging

24/Seven LockSafe Grade A Edging, Female, NBR, 3' x 36", Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta 5/8" 3" x 36" Yes EA
Male edging

24/Seven® LockSafe® Grade A Ramp, 5/8 thick, 3' x 36", Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta 5/8" 3" x 36" Yes EA
Outside corner

Grade A Anti-Fatigue Matting, 24/Seven LockSafe NBR Corners, Terra Cotta, 5/8in x 3in x 3in-CS4

Terra Cotta 5/8" 3" x 3" Yes EA
Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Medio Ambiente adecuadoSeco, Húmedo
TipoAnti-Fatigue Matting
Nivel de personalizaciónC3 - Full Custom (Length, Width, Shape)
Drenaje o SólidosDrainage
CompuestoAnimal Fat Resistant Natural Rubber
Garantía1 Year
Test Specification & Results
PropertyTest / Result
Inflamabilidad MVSS 302 / 'A'; Rating
abrasión Taber Federal Standard 191 Modified / 1% loss
Rango de temperatura 10 to 140 F
Coeficiente de Fricción ASTM F1677 / Dry: COF = 1.04 / Wet COF = 0.94
compresión de Deflexión Not Available
resistencia al desgarro Not Available
Valoración esd Not Available
resistencia dieléctrica Not Available
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Q: What does NBR stand for?

A: NBR stands for Nitrile Rubber.

Q: What types of fluids is the NBR compound resistant to?

A: The NBR compound is resistant to silicone-based brake fluid, boric acid, ethylene glycol, animal fats, brake fluid, chlorine solution, diesel oil, petroleum-based hydraulic oil, salt water and vegetable oil.

Q: Is there edging available?

A: Yes, 3" edging is available in Terra Cotta for 24/Seven LockSafe. Edging comes in both male and female to correspond with the male or female side of the mat. Edging comes in 3" wide by 36" long strips.

Q: Can 24/Seven LockSafe Grade A mats be exposed to liquids?

A: Yes, 24/Seven LockSafe Grade A mats can be placed in both wet and dry environments.

Q: How do I clean 24/Seven LockSafe?

A: Use a high-pressure hose (not to exceed 500 psi) and hot water (max 160o F) to rid the mats of oils. For best results use a mild soap or detergent with a pH between 4 and 9, to clean the mats. Do not use steam (unless specifically recommended), degreasers, or caustic chemicals. Do not machine wash or mechanically scrub the mats.

Q: Can you customize a mat to my specific requirements?

A: Yes we can. We offer 3 types of customization:

  • C1- Custom lengths
  • C2- Custom lengths and widths
  • C3- Fully custom (size & shape)

  • The level of customization by product is on the details tab at the bottom of every product page.

    Q: Do 24/Seven LockSafe mats pose a tripping hazard?

    A: 24/Seven LockSafe mats are available with 3" edging in yellow and black. The ramps allow for a smooth transition on and off the mat and do not pose a tripping hazard.

    Q: What does AFR stand for?

    A: Animal Fat Resistant - 100% Nitrile Rubber that is Antimicrobial perfect for food processing, food Production and prepping areas.

    Q: What if I want a longer length?

    A: Mats only come in 2 convenient sizes. For addition lengths are needed lay end to end.

    Q: How do I clean my mat?

    A: Autoclave or Manually with a mix of hot water and mild soap with a pH between 4 and 9 or High pressure hose.