The Importance of Anti-Fatigue Mats

The Importance of Anti-Fatigue Mats

The use of ergonomic mating has proven economic advantages for business owners, and wellness advantages for standing workers. Study after study shows the advantages of anti-fatigue mats on employee health.

What Are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti-fatigue mats reduce fatigue and health impacts from extended standing. Anti-fatigue mats from Wearwell are scientifically designed promote blood flow (“muscle-pump theory”) and deliver superior ergonomic benefits to standing workers.

Do They Work?

Anti Fatigue Mats are not a “magic pill” to remove all pain points the standing worker might experience. However, these mats do measurably reduce impact to various parts of the body, especially the feet, legs, knees and the hips (parts of the body that are negatively affected by prolonged standing.) Anti-fatigue mats improve circulation and soften the pressure on worker joints and muscles. That means improved ergonomics and performance.

How can anti-fatigue mats save my business money?

There are many ways that the best anti fatigue flooring can benefit not only the health of your employees, but the bottom line as well:

The Real Dollar Value

Long-term standing on hard, unforgiving floors can cause a host of problems. Joint pain, back pain, muscle weakness and foot pain can be debilitating for workers that must use their bodies day after day. The health issues caused by long term standing can cause an increase in workman's comp claims, raise insurance premiums, and slow productivity to a crawl.


When your workers are in pain, they are far more likely to call in sick the next day- simple as that. Poor ergonomics can cause absenteeism to soar, as well as the many of the hidden costs associated with absenteeism. Anti-Fatigue mats provide relief to the standing worker, so those pains don’t build up as quicly, and are dissipated when they do begin to build. The true goal of ergonomics is to send the workers home every day in as good of shape as when they first came into the building for their shift. 

Rise In Productivity

Concrete floors cause pain and discomfort when standing for extended periods of time. It may be time to take a closer look at your productivity numbers to see if worker output is increasing or decreasing over time. One helpful tip- take an anonymous poll of your standing workers to see how severe their aches and pains are. Many of the companies who work with Wearwell cite a rise in productivity as a result of anti-fatigue flooring.OSHA states that, “When used properly, anti-fatigue matting provides an overall healthier work environment, fostering enhanced worker productivity.”

Reducing Workman’s Compensation Costs

Anti-fatigue mats have many advantages. One of them is reducing workman’s compensation costs. Of all the health benefits of anti-fatigue mats, it's no surprise that standing, working, and kneeling on hard surfaces can be (over time) detrimental to the health of industrial workers. Anti-Fatigue mats offer better blood circulation in the body (muscle pump theory), and reduced fatigue. They also reduce the impact on workers' joints by up to 50%, decreasing overall impact on the spine.

Anti-Fatigue Mats- A Long Term Win

Your business depends on the hard work of your employees. Take care of them while doing something good for your business’ bottom line. Putting the health, comfort, and well-being of employees at the forefront will lead to a rise in productivity, a dip in sick days, and an overall morale boost in the workplace.

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