Energize Your Team with Every Step

Step up your team’s game plan with Vitality – a tough-skinned, ergonomic flooring surface that helps your team stand stronger, longer. Its super-resilient polyurethane foam delivers a slight spring in every step to reduce stress on your team’s legs, feet and lower backs while the thick outer skin guards against wear.

This is the ultimate ergonomic playing field for teams competing at the highest levels against the world’s best! Give your team a competitive advantage with Vitality flooring, runners and workstation mats.

  • Exceptional comfort
  • Customisable in 30 cm increments to fit any floor size
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Replace single pieces or sections as needed to reduce costs
  • Puncture resistant
  • Positive Interlocking system prevents separation
  • Available in modular or out-of-the-box solutions


503 Domed

502 Squared


Available in different widths in ends and centers to create ergonomic runners of infinite length.

Need a longer runner?

Simply add more center mats for unlimited length!

The molded-in ramps reduce installation time and costs!

WorkStation Mats

Standard sized workstation mats are available in both the 502 Squared and 503 Domed styles. A simple, out of the box solution with built in bevels and long lasting performance!