For over 60 years, we’ve built a reputation as a company that manufacturers quality, innovative products that help industrial athletes perform more safely, effectively and comfortably. We would never do anything to tarnish our brand or lose your trust.

Many manufacturers cut corners and sacrifice quality assuming the end-user will never know the difference. At Wearwell, we value our customers and respect the integrity of our distributor partners  Our products do what we say they’ll do. It’s that simple.

The Wearwell Experience.

Yes, there truly is a Wearwell experience - one that expresses our commitment to quality, innovation, service, education and trust.

From browsing our catalog to unpacking your products, we hope you enjoy the experience of dealing with a company that is creative, confident, innovative and committed to your athletes’ health and wellness.

Wearwell Compounds are Safe and Effective.

Our R&D Department specifies and tests our material formulations for accuracy and consistency. We know exactly what goes into our products and how they will perform.

Materials from countries without strict manufacturing regulations may contain dangerous fillers such as lead or plasticizers such as DOP, a known carcinogen that is banned or very strictly regulated in the United States. Manufacturers use DOP because it is a cheaper plasticizer despite the fact that it presents dangers. At Wearwell, we use only compounds that are proven safe, effective, and REACH compliant.

We Educate Our Customers

Look around our website; It’s all there: getting started guides, chemical resistance charts, cross reference guides, test results and scientific studies and up to date catalogs in multiple languages. If you still have questions we’re here to help; on the phone or on-site, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision.