Tile-Top Matting

Take Two Tile-Top Mats and Call Me in the Morning.

In laboratories, pharmacies and medical environments, Tile-Top ergonomic matting is the MVP. Medical professionals around the world trust Tile-Top’s smooth, marbleized surface because it’s easy to clean and provides relief for aching feet, knees and back. 

Beneath the surfaces lies the second essential element of the mat – the sponge. Sponge properties dictate how well the mat will perform in critical criteria such as:

  • Overall comfort
  • Longevity in application
  • Ability to customise
  • Contribution to green initiatives
  • Price point

Wearwell offers more sponge alternatives than any competitor, including

  1. Nitricell® AM: This nitrile rubber-enhanced sponge is exceptionally comfortable. Additionally, an anti-microbial agent is added to the sponge to inhibit the growth of organic contaminants.
  2. Flex-Link™: A simple PVC sponge, designed to provide an alternative similar to what most competitors offer, at a similar price point.
  3. SMART®: A rebound polyurethane sponge that combines comfort, ecology, and economy in a unique product – available only from Wearwell.