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For use with the 4" (10 cm) high FOUNDATION modular platform system, these beam join kits connect assembled sections end-to-end to form desired length. Each kit contains to 2 connector plates and 4 self-tapping screws.

  • 1 Aluminum plate
  • 1.25" (3.18 cm) Stainless steel screws
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Made in the USA
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SKU Short Description Color Thickness Dimensions Stock Part UOM
F1.Beam.Join.Kit FOUNDATION Beam Join Kit (set of 2) Silver 2” 2” Yes Set of 2
Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Suitable EnvironmentDry
Customization LevelC1
Solid or DrainageSolid
Warranty1 year
Test Specification & Results
PropertyTest / Result
Flammability Not Applicable
Taber Abrasion Not Applicable
Temperature Range Not Applicable
Coefficient of Friction Not Applicable
Compression Deflection Not Applicable
Tear Strength Not Applicable
ESD Rating Not Applicable
Dielectric Strength Not Applicable
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Q: What is a beam join kit?

A: A Beam Join Kit is used to add to the length of 4" tall platforms

Q: What is the beam join kit used for?

A: Beam Join Kit is used to connect two 4" platforms together lengthwise

Q: Do I need a beam join kit?

A: You only need a beam join kit if you plan to make a 4" tall platform that is longer than 6 feet.

Q: How many do I need for my platform?

A: This will depend on your layout. In general, you will need 1 beam join kit for every length extension. Please contact a Wearwell representative if you have any questions.

Q: Does the beam join kit come with my platform?

A: No, this must be purchased separately.

Q: Which height platform is a beam join kit used with?

A: Only 4" tall platforms