FOUNDATION Ramp, 36" Wide

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FOUNDATION Ramps create a smooth transition on and off FOUNDATION work platforms. 36” Wide ramp sections are placed at the end of the platform, locking in safe and securely. Made from heavy duty aluminum, 3 standard FOUNDATION ramps are available to cover platform heights from 4-12”. GripSafe Tape is available for added traction.

(Custom ramps and corners are available upon request.)



  • 36” Wide
  • 3 sizes to account for different height platforms:
  • F1.R4-6x36.AL for 4-6” platforms, Ramp is 18"L x 36"W
  • F1.R6-10x36.AL for 6-10” platforms, Ramp is 36"L x 36"W
  • F1.R10-12x36.AL for 10-12” platforms, Ramp is 42"L x 36"W
  • Approximately 12-16 degree slope (pictured)
  • Safe transition on/off FOUNDATION Platform
  • Heavy duty Aluminum build
  • Need Extra Traction? GripSafe Tape is available Traction in a snap

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Putting Together Wearwell Part Numbers
See an example of how Wearwell puts together their part numbers.

Numéro de la pièce La description Dimensions Partie courante UOM


18"x36" Yes EA


36"x36" Yes EA


42"x36" Yes EA
Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Environnement ConvientSec
la CatégorieRamp
Personnalisation NiveauCustom Ramps Available
Drainage ou solideSolid
Garantie1 Year
Test Specification & Results
PropertyTest / Result
Inflammabilité Not Applicable
Taber Abrasion Not Applicable
Température ambiante Not Applicable
Coefficienct de frottement Not Applicable
Débattement de compression Not Applicable
La force des larmes Not Available
Estimation d'ESD Not Available
Rigidité diélectrique Not Available


  • A = Résiste bien
  • B = Légèrement affecté
  • C = Modérément affecté
  • D = Fortement affecté
  • U = Non recommandé
  • NT = Non testé
Agent chimique Uréthanne Nitrile PVC CFR SBR Caoutchouc naturel
Acétone U U U C C C
Gras animal NT A C U U U
Javel (diluée à 10 %) NT B B C C C
Acide borique B A A A A A
Liquide de freins U A B D D D
Liquide de freins (avec silicone) U A B A B B
Javel (diluée à 3 %) C A B C C C
Acide citrique NT A C C C U
Liquide de coupe (à base d'huile minérale) U B B B C D
Carburant diesel U A B U U U
Acétate d'éthylène NT U NT U U U
Éthylène glycol B A A A A A
Huile hydraulique (à base de pétrole) U A B D D D
Acide chlorhydrique (dilué à 37 %) U C C B B B
Alcool isopropylique A B A B B A
Solvant laque U U U U U U
Lindol (fluide hydraulique) NT U NT U U U
Huile minérale C A B A B U
Naphtes NT C U U U U
Naphtalène U U U U U U
Pétrole U C B D D D
Eau salée A A B B B C
Toluène U U U U U U
Huile à transmission (type A) U B A C U U
Trichloroéthane U U U U U U
Huile végétale C A
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Q: What is the weight load of the Wearwell FOUNDATION Ramp?

A: The uniform weight load of FOUNDATION ramps is approximately 177lbs/sq ft

Q: Are corners available for FOUNDATION platforms?

A: Yes, corners are available as a custom add on. Please reach out via our contact form for custom ramps.

Q: Do I need any fasteners for the platform?

A: There are no fasteners required for the FOUNDATION ramp to attach it to the FOUNDATION platform

Q: What if I need a shorter ramp for my platform?

A: Please contact us at for a custom ramp in this situation

Q: How do I determine how many ramps I need for my FOUNDATION work platform?

A: Standard ramps are 36" wide. Generally only one on-ramp is necessary for a platform. However, multiple ramps can be added side by side to create wider ramps. Divide ramp width needed by 36" to get the number of ramps needed.

Q: Are the FOUNDATION work platform ramps slippery?

A: Ramps are not slippery when clean and dry. If slips are a concern, we recommend GripSafe tape be purchased to be added to the ramp on-site.

Q: How do I know if I need ramps for my work platform?

A: Ramps are never required. Companies can decide on an application by application basis.

Q: What if I need another color for my work platform ramps?

A: Yellow GripSafe Tape is available to place atop ramps for color and traction. Ramps only come in silver color.

Q: Do the edges of FOUNDATION ramps pose a tripping hazard?

A: Safety is priority number one here at Wearwell. FOUNDATION ramps are designed to provide safe on-off access for all users. All FOUNDATION ramps meet OSHA regulations.

Q: What gauge info is available for the aluminum?

A: The gauge of aluminum on each FOUNDATION ramp will meet a 300 lb load rating requirement.

Q: Are the ramps suitable for wheeled traffic like carts and dollies?

A: Yes, FOUNDATION ramps are great for wheeled traffic. We recommend a minimum wheel diameter of 4 inches.