Work Platforms For Injection Molding

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Injection molding operators often find themselves in awkward positions. Reaching to set up, operate and maintain machines isn’t always at a standing height. Putting operators at the proper elevation is key to their safety and performance. An awkward posture is more than just uncomfortable – it causes imbalance, and the continual strain can lead to debilitating MSDs.

In many injection molding environments, reach isn’t the only concern. The presence of grease and hydraulic fluids introduces slip and fall hazards. Injection molding operators need both the proper work height and the proper work surface. Wearwell engineered modular work platforms do both and they can all be purchased right here from MATSonline!

Choose the FOUNDATION platform that meets your environment:

Open – Designed for fluids, debris and airflow, it features integrated traction points for long-lasting, reliable slip prevention.

Diamond-Plate – This version has a unique serrated diamond-plate pattern for superior traction when a solid surface is preferred.

Smooth – The lightly textured surface provides traction and can easily swept clean. This version is ideal for the use of anti-fatigue matting.

As a fully modular system, FOUNDATION cuts down on the time, labor, customization, and costly manpower of traditional work platforms. Assembly and installation has never been easier! Choose from a range of heights, lengths and widths to form any shape and size down to 18” (.45m) sections.

All components of FOUNDATION, including the stout aluminum frame, are corrosion resistant. The 100% recycled polypropylene tiles stand up to grease, oils and hydraulic fluids.

Each 18” x 18” tile boasts a load rating of 400 pounds, providing all the support your operators need and more!

Shop MATSonline today and elevate your safety and efficiency standards!

  • Superior traction
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Broad spectrum of chemical resistance
  • 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene tiles
  • 400 lb. (181.5kg) load capacity per tile
  • Made in the USA

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Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Suitable EnvironmentDry
Customization LevelC3
Solid or DrainageDrainage
Warranty1 year
Test Specification & Results
PropertyTest / Result
Flammability FMVSS 302: Pass SE/(B)
Taber Abrasion ASTM D3884: 0% @1000 cycles
Temperature Range 32-160F
Coefficient of Friction ASTM F2913-19: 0.79 dry, 0.62 wet
Compression Deflection Not Applicable
Tear Strength Not Applicable
ESD Rating Not Applicable
Dielectric Strength Not Applicable


  • A = Performs well
  • B = Slightly affected
  • C = Moderately affected
  • D = Highly affected
  • U = Not recommended
  • NT = Not tested
Chemical Urethane Nitrile PVC CFR SBR Natural Rubber
Acetone U U U C C C
Animal Fats NT A C U U U
Bleach Solution (10% Dilute) NT B B C C C
Boric Acid B A A A A A
Brake Fluid U A B D D D
Brake Fluid (Silicone Based) U A B A B B
Chlorine Solution (3% Dilute) C A B C C C
Citric Acid NT A C C C U
Cutting Fluid (Mineral Oil Based) U B B B C D
Diesel Oil U A B U U U
Ethylene Acetate NT U NT U U U
Ethylene Glycol B A A A A A
Hydraulic Oil (Petroleum) U A B D D D
Hydrochloric Acid Cole (37% Dilute) U C C B B B
Isopropyl Alcohol A B A B B A
Lacquer Solvents U U U U U U
Lindol (Hydraulic Fluid) NT U NT U U U
Mineral Oil C A B A B U
Naptha NT C U U U U
Napthlene U U U U U U
Petroleum U C B D D D
Salt Water A A B B B C
Tolulene U U U U U U
Transmission Fluid (Type A) U B A C U U
Trichloroethane U U U U U U
Vegetable Oil C A B C C C
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Q: What is the difference between a modular and custom platform?

A: Modular platforms can be connected with each other to make a larger platforms. They can also be taken apart and reconfigured. Typically, fully customized platforms use plywood and other available materials to build a platform to a specific height or shape. These custom builds typically cannot be taken apart or re-used once assembled.

Q: How tall can a FOUNDATION platform go?

A: Standard heights of 4", 8" and 12". Custom heights are available. Contact us for inquiries about custom heights.

Q: How much weight can your platforms take?

A: 400 lbs. per tile capacity

Q: What's the difference between a mezzanine and a work platform?

A: A mezzanine is a permanent intermediate level within a building that is part of its physical structure; e.g., a partial story between two main stories of a building (auditorium, theater, entrance lobby, etc.).

Q: When do I need a guardrail?

A: A guardrail is not required for FOUNDATION. Guardrails are required for raised floor above 48 inches.

Q: Are stairways required for platforms?

A: Stairs are not required for FOUNDATION platforms. FOUNDATION platforms have stock heights of 4", 8", and 12", though we can make custom heights when necessary. Steps are only required for platforms over 19 inches tall

Q: Can I have stairs leading up to my FOUNDATION platform?

A: Stairs are not required to use FOUNDATION unless it is over 19 inches heigh. We can work with customers on an individual basis, but we do not carry stairs for FOUNDATION.

Q: Is FOUNDATION easy to use?

A: FOUNDATION is simple to plan, design, and fast to put together.

Q: What do I need to put it together?

A: FOUNDATION is easily put together with cut resistant gloves and a rubber mallet. A drill is required to anchor.

Q: Can I make a stand alone platform?

A: Yes, any size platform is possible down to 18"x18" increments.

Q: How big can I make the platform?

A: Any size, as large or small, is possible as long as it is within an 18"x18" square increment.

Q: How small can I make a platform?

A: A small platform can be assembled with one of the Platform kits. The smallest is 18"x18"

Q: Is there any training required to assemble a platform?

A: No training is required. Gloves and a rubber mallet are recommended. A drill is necessary to anchor the platform.

Q: How should I plan out my platform?

A: When planning out your platform, it can be useful to use a piece of grid paper. If you think of each square as representing 18"x18", then you can draw your design and plan it from the graph paper.

Q: How do I know which pieces I will need to plan/ assemble my platform?

A: A Wearwell expert can help you determine which parts and pieces will be necessary for your design. The brochure is also very helpful. Contact Wearwell for any information you need and we are happy to help.

Q: What makes FOUNDATION different than other platform systems?

A: FOUNDATION is the only modular platform system that takes no expertise to design, put together, or reconfigure. FOUNDATION by Wearwell can be customized within 18 x 18" increments, and can be made as large or small as needed. FOUNDATION can create full work floors, or small stand alone platform steps. FOUNDATION also comes with three unique work surfaces to best serve your work.

Q: Can FOUNDATION get wet?

A: FOUNDATION can get wet. We recommend Open or Diamond-Plate for wet areas. Smooth is not recommended for wet.

Q: Will FOUNDATION become slippery to work on when wet?

A: FOUNDATION will not become slippery when the proper surface is used. Open surface has traction points and allows overspray and liquids to drain through. Diamond-Plate has protruding diamonds to grip users feet and allow them to plant firmly in wet with water areas.

Q: What are some tips for planning/ installing FOUNDATION?

A: Tips include orienting your length properly, and using a piece of graph paper to plan the drawing. It can be useful to rely on a Wearwell expert here.

Q: Do I need a safety harness on FOUNDATION?

A: FOUNDATION does not require a safety harness typically. Safety harnesses are typically necessary at 4+ feet high

Q: What should I do before moving or disassembling the platform?

A: Before moving or disassembling, be sure FOUNDATION is clear of any obstacles or dangers. Then begin to disassemble FOUNDATION the same way it was put together.

Q: What are the risks of using a platform?

A: Risks of using any platform, stairway, walkway, etc. are falling from a raised height.

Q: Can FOUNDATION be made to slope?

A: FOUNDATION cannot be made to slope.

Q: Can I add a sloped surface on top of my FOUNDATION platform?

A: This is not recommended.

Q: Can I use FOUNDATION outdoors?

A: FOUNDATION can be used outdoors, though surface tiles may need to be replaced on a quicker cycle than if used in indoor conditions.

Q: Are there any considerations when working in hot/ cold temperatures?

A: Foundation can be used in temperatures