Things to look for when replacing flooring and matting.

Anti-fatigue matting and flooring has a long lifecycle – many products go months or years before they need replacing! It's okay if you've gotten a little rusty about matting. This guide will help you recognize the cues and know what to look for when you're considering new matting or flooring.


Wet Conditions

Water, greases/oils and chemicals can prematurely harden or soften matting or flooring material. It is important to select a surface that is designed to withstand the types of liquids you encounter day-to-day.

Watch for: pooling water, workers are slipping or are not sure-footed




Many work environments have specific requirements: OSHA, USDA, FDA, and the military all have rules for product usage in high risk environments. The right surface can overcome slip hazards, prevent electro-static discharges and protect your floor from weld sparks.

Watch for: high voltage signs, sensitive products, welding equipment



Too Many Pieces

Many passive locking matting systems can come undone and cause trip hazards. We recommend replacing passive interlocks with Wearwell's positive locking system – a semi-permanent fastening method that forms tight seams that stay together until unzipped.

Watch for:modular matting that is no longer connected, trip hazards



Compromised Mats

Most matting is resistant to tearing, but heavy equipment such as forklifts can create enough torque to tear or warp matting. If you notice your team stacking mats, pallets, cardboard or other unconventional materials around the workplace, they are looking for standing relief.

Watch for: torn mats, mats with wavy edges, unconventionally stacked materials



How Work Flows

How do your workers interact with your workspace. Are they taking longer paths than necessary? Chances are they're avoiding an area that has trip hazards or other safety concerns. This area could benefit from matting or flooring.

Watch for: workers taking unconventional paths, trip hazards


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