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At Wearwell we recognize that privacy is important. At Wearwell, we offer a number of services and tools to find a product to meet your work area and application demands.  Many of our services and tools do not require you to register for an account or provide any personal information to us. Still by using our site you understand and agree to the following terms.

A. Below is a description of information we collect and the way we use it:

  • Cookies – When you visit wearwell.com we send one or more cookies to your computer or device that uniquely identifies your browser. This small file containing a string of characters does not cause any harm to your computer or device and in no way interrupts your online experience. Rather these cookies are used to generate browser and other reports that enable us to keep up to speed on the latest trends in internet usage.

B. By using this website, you agree with the understanding that all personal and browser information collected from using this website will not be processed or disclosed by Wearwell.com except as described in the following statements:

  • By using this website you agree that wearwell.com may share with other parties comprehensive information as well as limited information during your user session. Comprehensive information is information that describes habits, usage patterns, group demographics (not individual, that is does not contain unique information to be used to identify the user). Limited information is the information about a user used to distinguish a particular user from a group but is not enough to identify the user as an individual.
  • By providing your information in forms you agree that the information gathered may be processes or used to identify the user personally. You agree that we may use this collected information to notify you directly of special offers, product information and other promotions here at Wearwell.
    Information Posted by Wearwell.com
    Information posted by wearwell.com including all copy, images, logos, flash ads, and any other material related to Wearwell the company, wearwell.com and the Wearwell brand. This information cannot be duplicated, copied and pasted, or otherwise transported to any other print or digital media without the written consent and approval of Wearwell. You may at anytime request this information here (email link to myself, or someone else). Downloadable PDFs containing catalog pages, MSDS, Product Recycled Content and Product Sheets may be used for personal reference and may not be distributed or duplicated in other publications, digital or print.

Chemical Resistance Guide Disclaimer
The resistance levels reflected in the Chemical Resistance chart are based on moderate exposure, not long-term immersion in any of the listed fluids. If your application is more rigorous, please request a sample to test against chemicals in question. For best results, please use the chart as a guide and schedule regular maintenance for your mats. All information is believed true and up to date.

Modifications: Wearwell.com is not responsible for the privacy policies for any sites containing a link to or from wearwell.com Wearwell.com reserves the right to change this statement at anytime by posting the changes online. You are responsible for reviewing regularly this information to obtain timely notice of these changes. Your continued use of wearwell.com after changes are posted represents your acceptance, agreement and understanding of the above statement as modified by the posted changes.

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