Industrial WorkSafe NBR

Industrial WorkSafe--always a fan favorite--has been improved and expanded to fit today's more demanding workplace. We've taken out some of the excess weight...because not everyone longs for heavy mats and high shipping costs! We've given a choice of rubber formulations to give you a broader choice of price points and performance levels. And we've added new SKUs, so you now have the option of orange, yellow, and black beveled borders. Industrial WorkSafe is about giving workers the right option in even the toughest and most demanding workplaces. Overall thickness 16 mm (5/8").

    Available in 2 different rubber compounds based on environmental exposures:
    • GR- Water or dry debris
    • NBR- Petroleum-based fluids

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SKU Short Description Colour Thickness Dimensions Stock Part UOM
476.58X2X3NBRBYL Industrial WorkSafe Black w/ Yellow Borders 5/8" 61 cm x 91 cm Yes EA
476.58X3X4NBRBYL Industrial WorkSafe Black w/ Yellow Borders 5/8" 91 cm x 122 cm Yes EA
476.58X3X5NBRBYL Industrial WorkSafe Black w/ Yellow Borders 5/8" 91 cm x 152 cm Yes EA
Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Suitable EnvironmentDry, Wet, Oily
Wearwell CategoriesAnti-Fatigue Matting
Customisation LevelC1 - Standard Sizes
Solid or DrainageDrainage
CompoundNitrile Rubber (NBR)
Warranty1 Year
Test Specification & Results
PropertyTest / Result
Flammability MVSS 302 / 'A'; Rating
Taber Abrasion Federal Standard 191 Modified / 1% loss
Temperature Range -12 to 60_ Celsius-M
Coefficient of Friction ASTM F1677 / Dry: COF = .78 / Wet COF = .68
Compression Deflection Not Available
Tear Strength Not Available
ESD Rating Not Available
Dielectric Strength Not Available


  • A = Performs well
  • B = Slightly affected
  • C = Moderately affected
  • D = Highly affected
  • U = Not recommended
  • NT = Not tested
Chemical Urethane Nitrile PVC CFR SBR Natural Rubber
Acetone U U U C C C
Animal Fats NT A C U U U
Bleach Solution (10% Dilute) NT B B C C C
Boric Acid B A A A A A
Brake Fluid U A B D D D
Brake Fluid (Silicone Based) U A B A B B
Chlorine Solution (3% Dilute) C A B C C C
Citric Acid NT A C C C U
Cutting Fluid (Mineral Oil Based) U B B B C D
Diesel Oil U A B U U U
Ethylene Acetate NT U NT U U U
Ethylene Glycol B A A A A A
Hydraulic Oil (Petroleum) U A B D D D
Hydrochloric Acid Cole (37% Dilute) U C C B B B
Isopropyl Alcohol A B A B B A
Lacquer Solvents U U U U U U
Lindol (Hydraulic Fluid) NT U NT U U U
Mineral Oil C A B A B U
Naptha NT C U U U U
Napthlene U U U U U U
Petroleum U C B D D D
Salt Water A A B B B C
Tolulene U U U U U U
Transmission Fluid (Type A) U B A C U U
Trichloroethane U U U U U U
Vegetable Oil C A B C C C
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Q: What does GR stand for?

A: GR stands for Grease Resistant.

Q: What types of fluids is the GR compound suited for?

A: The GR compound is best suited for areas with water and dry debris. It is also resistant to boric acid & ethylene glycol.

Q: What does NBR stand for?

A: NBR stands NBR stands for Nitrile Rubber.

Q: What types of fluids is the NBR compound resistant to?

A: The NBR compound is resistant to silicone-based brake fluid, boric acid, ethylene glycol, animal fats, brake fluid, chlorine solution, diesel oil, petroleum-based hydraulic oil, salt water and vegetable oil.

Q: Is there edging available?

A: Yes. All Industrial Worksafe Mats include a molded-in safety border. The GR compound is available with black or orange borders. The NBR compound is available with black, yellow or orange borders.

Q: Can Industrial Worksafe be exposed to liquids?

A: Yes, Industrial Worksafe can be placed in both wet and dry environments.

Q: How do I clean my Industrial Worksafe mat?

A: Use a high-pressure hose (not to exceed 500 psi) and hot water (max 160o F) to rid the mats of oils. For best results use a mild soap or detergent with a pH between 4 and 9, to clean the mats. Do not use steam (unless specifically recommended), degreasers, or caustic chemicals. Do not machine wash or mechanically scrub the mats.

Q: There 2 sides to my mat. Which side do I stand on?

A: The ramps on the top side of the mat are ribbed.

Q: Are the colors shown on your website the exact color I should expect to receive?

A: No, because monitors vary so there may be a slight variance in the color. If color choice is critical, we suggest that you order a sample. Due to manufacturing processes and material dye lots, color can vary, but our products fall within an industry-standard acceptable variation.

Q: Do Industrial Worksafe mats pose a tripping hazard?

A: Industrial Worksafe mats have molded-in safety borders (sloped edge) on all four sides. This allows for a smooth transition on and off the mat and do not pose a tripping hazard.

Q: Do your rubber mats smell?

A: Yes! Unfortunately, that rubbery smell is a feature of any rubber product. The mat should lose that smell over time. If you are planning to install rubber mats or flooring in any enclosed space, please remember that this can slow the dissipation of a strong rubber scent.