ErgoDeck with Integrated No-Slip Cleats - Open

A non-slip flooring engineered to out perform and outlast traditional gritted products. ErgoDeck with Integrated No-Slip Cleats [552,553] delivers a sure-footed work surface for maximum productivity, performance, and safety…in even the most demanding workplace conditions! The exclusive “cleated design”—modeled after the cleats that professional athletes wear for traction—overcomes harsh and slick workplace conditions and provides a sure-footed, remarkably resilient standing surface. Slips, trips, and falls is the 3rd leading cause of missed work days and the 4th leading cause of work related death. No-Slip Cleats addresses these issues directly, providing a common sense alternative to hard and slick concrete. With the use of ErgoDeck No-Slip Cleats, companies can eliminate messy gritted products once and for all. Gritted mats give some temporary traction but wear with use and become slippery with saturation. Unlike gritted mats—which cannot be maintained and cleaned—ErgoDeck with No-Slip Cleats can withstand power washing, scrubbing, and aggressive cleaning. When the problem is slick, dangerous, and unforgiving floors, ErgoDeck with No-Slip Cleats is the definitive solution.

  • Unmatched slip prevention
  • Customize in 3 inch increments to fit any area or configuration
  • Can withstand powerwashing and aggressive maintenance
  • Outperforms and outlasts grit
  • 100% Silicone Free PVC tiles provide maximum durability
  • Available in Solid and Drainage version
  • Overall thickness 7/8” (22 mm)
  • Each case covers 22.5 sq. feet (2.2 sq. meters)

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SKU Short Description Colour Thickness Dimensions Stock Part UOM
553.78x18x18BK-CS10 ErgoDeck with Integrated No-Slip Cleats Open Grid Case Black 7/8" 46 x 46 Yes CS-10
553.78x18x18CH-CS10 ErgoDeck with Integrated No-Slip Cleats Open Grid Case Black 7/8" 46 x 46 Yes CS-10

Ramps and accessories

SKU Short Description Colour Thickness Dimensions Stock Part UOM
560.78x6x18YL-CS10 ErgoDeck Ramp Yellow 7/8" 15 cmx 46 Yes CS-10
560.78x6x18BK-CS10 ErgoDeck Ramp Black 7/8" 15 cmx 46 Yes CS-10
561.78x6x18BK-CS10 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty with Grit Shield Ramp Black Case Black 7/8" 15 cmx 46 No CS-10
560.78x6x36AL ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp Aluminum 15cm x 91cm Yes EA
Outside corner
560.78x6x15x15YL-CS4 ErgoDeck Outside Corner Yellow 7/8" 15 cmx 38 x 38 Yes CS-4
561.78x6x15x15BK-CS4 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Ramps with GRITSHIELD Black 7/8" 15 cmx 38 x 38 No CS-4
560.78x6x15x15AL ErgoDeck Inside Corner Aluminum 7/8" 15cm x 38cm x 38cm Yes EA
560.78x6x15x15BK-CS4 ErgoDeck Outside Corner Black 7/8" 15 cmx 38 x 38 Yes CS-4
Inside corner
560.78x6x9x9BK ErgoDeck Inside Corner Black 7/8" 15 cmx 23 x 23 Yes EA
560.78x6x9x9YL ErgoDeck Inside Corner Yellow 7/8" 15 cmx 23 x 23 Yes EA
561.78x6x9x9BK ErgoDeck Heavy Dutywith Grit Shield Inside Corner Black Black 7/8" 15 cmx 23 x 23 No EA
560.78x6x9x9AL ErgoDeck Inside Corner Aluminum 7/8" 15 cmx 23 x 23 Yes EA
Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Suitable EnvironmentWet, Oily, Slippery
Wearwell CategoriesNon-slip Safety Flooring
Customisation LevelC3 - Full Custom (Length, Width, Shape)
Solid or DrainageDrainage
Warranty3 Years
Test Specification & Results
PropertyTest / Result
Flammability MVSS 302 / 'A'; Rating
Taber Abrasion ASTM D 3884 / less than 1% loss
Temperature Range -12 to 43_ Celsius
Coefficient of Friction ASTM F1677 / Dry: COF = 1.10 / Wet: COF = 1.10, DIN 51130 - R12
Compression Deflection ASTM D575-91 / 10%
Tear Strength Not Available
ESD Rating Not Available
Dielectric Strength Not Available


  • A = Performs well
  • B = Slightly affected
  • C = Moderately affected
  • D = Highly affected
  • U = Not recommended
  • NT = Not tested
Chemical Urethane Nitrile PVC CFR SBR Natural Rubber
Acetone U U U C C C
Animal Fats NT A C U U U
Bleach Solution (10% Dilute) NT B B C C C
Boric Acid B A A A A A
Brake Fluid U A B D D D
Brake Fluid (Silicone Based) U A B A B B
Chlorine Solution (3% Dilute) C A B C C C
Citric Acid NT A C C C U
Cutting Fluid (Mineral Oil Based) U B B B C D
Diesel Oil U A B U U U
Ethylene Acetate NT U NT U U U
Ethylene Glycol B A A A A A
Hydraulic Oil (Petroleum) U A B D D D
Hydrochloric Acid Cole (37% Dilute) U C C B B B
Isopropyl Alcohol A B A B B A
Lacquer Solvents U U U U U U
Lindol (Hydraulic Fluid) NT U NT U U U
Mineral Oil C A B A B U
Naptha NT C U U U U
Napthlene U U U U U U
Petroleum U C B D D D
Salt Water A A B B B C
Tolulene U U U U U U
Transmission Fluid (Type A) U B A C U U
Trichloroethane U U U U U U
Vegetable Oil C A B C C C
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Q: What is meant by "customizable in 3" increments"?

A: Unlike other modular tiles available in the market, our patented LockSafe connection can be cut every 3" without losing the ability to connect to adjoining tiles.

Q: How do I cut ErgoDeck tiles?

A: ErgoDeck is a robust product. While it can be cut with a utility knife, we suggest a band saw or similar cutting equipment for larger installations.

Q: Do I need to use adhesives or special tools?

A: One of the biggest benefits of the LockSafe system is a secure, dependable connection that snaps together and holds tight in-use, but zips apart for reconfiguration or replacement! No tools are necessary for the assembly or disassembly, however, a rubber mallet is sometimes used in installation to quickly "lock" the connectors. Alternatively, they can be "locked" by walking along the edges of each tile.

Q: Can I use it over grating or catwalks?

A: Yes! The heavy-duty compound and robust box-spring design performs well on grated surfaces.

Q: It prevents slips, but is it comfortable?

A: Yes! In fact, users are often surprised by just how comfortable it is underfoot. Request a sample and feel for yourself!

Q: Are there risks associated with pivoting?

A: Cleated ErgoDeck products are designed to prevent slips in extreme situations where gritted products simply won't hold up to the environment. In these hazardous areas, the dangers posed by slips and falls, far outweigh other risks. Once on a sure-footed surface, workers no longer feel the need to shuffle their feet to avoid a slip, decreasing the likelihood of knee or joint injury. For less critical environments we recommend ErgoDeck with GRITSHIELD.

Q: Will the cleats break off?

A: This was a major emphasis in the engineering and development of the product. In the end, we achieved a strength that requires hundreds of pounds of direct, horizontal pressure to reach a break point - a force that doesn't occur in-use.

Q: How resistant is it to chemicals?

A: Cleated ErgoDeck products use a PVC formula designed to withstand a wide range of petroleum and synthetic fluids. For more details refer to the Chemical Resistance Chart or if you have specific concerns please contact us or request a sample for testing.

Q: Can it be power washed?

A: Absolutely! Unlike gritted products, Cleated ErgoDeck tiles can withstand even rigorous cleaning methods like pressure washing.

Q: How are these priced compared to gritted products?

A: Believe it or not, Cleated ErgoDeck tiles not only outperform and outlast gritted products, they're also lower priced. Why? Applying grit is a secondary operation in the manufacturing process making it more costly to produce.

Q: I have a large, unique area to cover. How do I know how much product to order?

A: If you need help determining exactly how many tiles and how many feet of edging, we have field experts in your area that are happy to assist. Just inquire about our FREE Site Survey!

Q: Are the colors shown on your website the exact color I should expect to receive?

A: No, because monitors vary so there may be a slight variance in the color. If color choice is critical, we suggest that you order a sample. Due to manufacturing processes and material dye lots, color can vary, but our products fall within an industry-standard acceptable variation.