he Industrial Fatigue Problem...

Every one of us has experienced tiredness and fatigue at work. It is reaching alarming proportions as it affects more and more people each day. Whether it be a poor night’s sleep the night before, or the physical and mental exhaustion of our pressure-packed jobs, being fatigued at work can have disastrous effects.

When we are exhausted, our alertness declines and we lose both mental and physical capacity. We tend to make mistakes that we would not normally make. As we tire, judgment in crucial situations is compromised, and we are simply not “ourselves”, and certainly not at our best.

Now imagine that you are a standing worker—those folks we admiringly refer to as Industrial Athletes—and you are on your feet 30-40 hours per week. Chances are, you are standing and moving all day on a hard, cold concrete surface…not exactly the “field of play” that the human body is designed to perform on! Suddenly, physical fatigue becomes a day-in/day-out issue that you cannot escape. Back pain, neck pain, foot and leg problems, varicose veins, and loss of energy…Industrial Athletes experience all this and more!

Employers watch as employee absenteeism steadily spirals out of control, especially on Fridays and Mondays. Increasingly, workplace accidents begin to take their toll on morale…not to mention insurance costs. Productivity declines, quality suffers, performance is uneven. The wrong working surface gets you ALL the wrong results!

he Industrial Anti-Fatigue Solution...

Every Industrial Athlete needs AND deserves a working surface that fits the specific needs of his or her workplace environment. Ergonomic anti-fatigue matting & flooring can dramatically reduce the physical stress of working on one’s feet all day! Just as critical, the right type of standing surface greatly reduces slips and falls, the leading cause of accidents in the workplace, which according to the National Safety Council, has an average cost of $42,000 per incident. Studies show that the right ergonomic surface contributes to reduced absenteeism, improved health and wellness, and a measurably more productive workforce. The cost savings can often be dramatic, and many companies report an ROI of 6 months or less.

Your Industrial Athletes are part of a well-coached Team. They are trained, geared-up, and ready to compete with the world’s best.

Employers must ask themselves, “What type of field am I sending my Industrial Athletes out to work on?” We are here

By Wearwell Team Member Elliot Greenberg