With the anti-fatigue mat market set to surge exponentially from 2017-2025, the use of these ergonomic and economic advantages has never before been considered and weighed for business owners as much as they are now. Study after study has been released showing the advantages of anti-fatigue mats on employee health which is making these flooring breakthroughs more popular than ever before.

What Are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti-fatigue mats reduce fatigue and health impacts from standing for extended lengths of time. Your bottom needs a cushion for extended periods of sitting; so do your feet for standing. Anti-fatigue mats from Wearwell are scientifically designed to contribute to “muscle-pump theory” providing superior benefits in ergonomics.

Do They Work?

Obviously, Anti Fatigue Mats are not a “magic pill” to remove all of the woes associated with the standing worker. However, they do reduce impact to various parts of the body, especially the feet, legs, knees and the hips that are negatively affected by prolonged standing. Anti-fatigue mats improve circulation and soften the pressure on your joints and muscles.

How can anti-fatigue mats save my business money?

There are many ways that this incredible development in flooring technology can benefit not only the health of your employees but the bottom line in your business as well. Here are some ways to implement anti-fatigue mats to better serve your employees and your business.

The Real Dollar Value

Studies have shown that long-term standing on hard and unforgiving floors can cause a host of problems. Joint pain, back pain, muscle weakness and foot pain from standing and kneeling on hard surfaces can be debilitating. The health issues caused by standing can send or keep more people home on sick leave, which can cause an increase in workman's comp claims, raise insurance premiums and slow productivity to a crawl (literally).


When your workers are in pain, they just can’t bring themselves to come to work the next day. Causing absenteeism to sore as well as the many costs associated with it. Anti-Fatigue mats provide relief to the standing worker, so those pains don’t build up, and they go home at the end of the day in as good of shape as when they came in.

Rise In Productivity

It has been established through various studies, that concrete floors cause the most discomfort when standing for extended periods of time. It may be time to take a very close look at your productivity numbers to see if workers have seen a decrease in output over time. Or take an anonymous poll of your standing workers to see how severely they are suffering from aches and pain from working. The Production Automation Corporation along with Industrial Safety and Hygiene News both site a rise in productivity as a result of anti-fatigue flooring. OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) state that, “When used properly, anti-fatigue matting provides an overall healthier work environment, fostering enhanced worker productivity.”

Reducing Workman’s Compensation Costs

Anti-fatigue mats have many advantages. One of them could be reducing workman’s compensation costs. Of all the health benefits of anti-fatigue mats, it's no surprise that standing, working and kneeling on hard surfaces is detrimental to an industrial workers health. Anti-Fatigue mats offer better blood circulation in the body (muscle pump theory), thereby reducing the fatigue. They also reduce the compression of the spinal cord. This causes us to wonder what we ever did before this miraculous invention.

Anti-Fatigue Mats- A Tax Write-Off?

Yes! This is true. It is no secret that the health benefits to your employees are profound but another huge perk is that Uncle Sam will let you write off your anti-fatigue mats as a business expense. Ask yourself, if you can write off that new juicer in the breakroom because it promotes a healthy lifestyle, why can’t you do the same with anti-fatigue flooring?. If you own a restaurant and want your servers to feel less tired and more energetic with customers or you own a factory where workers are standing or kneeling for large portions of the day harming their health, anti-fatigue mats are the answer! The truth is, the IRS smiles on those who show concern for the health and happiness of their employees and just might give you a tax break as a reward!

Your business is booming and part of the reason for that is your hard-working employees. Take care of them while doing something good for your business’ bottom line. Putting the health, comfort, and well-being of employees at the forefront should lead you to make the decision of putting Wearwell mats in your building. You will see a rise in productivity, a dip in sick days and an overall morale boost in the workplace from those who work there.

Visit us online at to browse our many products and flooring types or call to speak to one of our representatives who can walk you through the process of picking out the perfect anti-fatigue mats for your business. Wearwell is here to help your business!