Secret of Matting

If you’re like me, you want choices… but just the right amount, presented in the right way. 

For example, on occasion, I’ll break out of my normal routine and check out a new restaurant. It’s a risky endeavor. Without fail, 1 of 3 scenarios plays out when I peruse the menu.

  • Scenario 1: The choices are limited so I settle on the least offensive option.

  • Scenario 2: There are too many choices, with limited information to decide. In which case, I do what any reasonable person would do -  Eeny Eeeny Miny Moe.  As strategic as this method is, I inevitably wind up with a case of food envy and diner regret.  

  • Scenario 3: The most favorable outcome is an array of choices, well organized and with clear descriptions. In other words, is it fried, grilled, cream based, tomato-based…?  There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re ordering healthy only to have your meal served with a cardiologist on standby.

So where am I going with this? 

Well, it’s really not so different when trying to decide on the right anti-fatigue mat. Do a quick Google search and you’ll be inundated with page after page of choices. Take for instance the most iconic mat for industrial environments – diamond-plate. These mats all pretty much look the same- the same rugged pattern, same color assortment, same standard sizes- so, the pictures really don’t help. I’ll let you in on a little secret – that tough looking top surface isn’t so different from one manufacturer to the other. The difference lies beneath!

Flip over one of these ergonomic mats, and you’ll see the real powerhouse– the spongeThat’s where the difference is and that’s where manufacturers provide choices. Understanding these differences greatly reduces the likelihood of buyers regret.

Some suppliers offer the same sponge but in different thicknesses. Others offer 3 unique sponges in different thicknesses, each sponge offering distinct advantages in key areas (i.e. performance, rebound, value, price point, customization, etc.), giving customers the opportunity to align their own objectives to the right mat.

You can read up and familiarize yourself with the differences, but sometimes you really need to see and touch the real deal before committing to a purchase.  That’s precisely why some manufacturers make it easy to request samples free of charge

If you’ve done your homework, understand your choices, but are still at a loss, take comfort in knowing you don’t have to tackle floor level decisions alone. There are matting and flooring experts nationwide to help with a Site-Survey. Consider them your personal concierge!