Flooring and Matting

  • Group590
    Our two most popular products rolled into one! A double hitter, ErgoDeck with Diamond-Plate scores across the board. The box-spring foundation compresses under foot providing anti-fatigue benefits and the necessary structure to support heavy foot traffic. The All-Star Diamond-Plate surface pattern delivers dependable traction and gives you the Industrial look your facility has come to appreciate.
  • Group300
    Put your Industrial Athlete on the Starting Line! Starting Line is one of a kind champion in anti-fatigue matting. The durable material joined with a specialized process makes it more resistant to wear and tear than conventional PVC sponge products, but at a comparable price. Fatigue-fighting domes compress underfoot, but bounce back time and time again. Incredible lightweight and flexible, even long lengths can be easily rolled up and rolled away for maintenance and handling. Starting Line is an excellent budget-friendly alternative or replacement for vulnerable sponge products. Patent D763,600.
  • Group566 KIT
    ErgoDeck General Purpose (GP) provides a stable, solid, and resilient foundation underfoot. It features a raised textured design that provides sure footing while enhancing workplace aesthetics. ErgoDeck General Purpose has the same box-spring foundation as ErgoDeck Heavy Duty, but is made with a softer compound for greater anti-fatigue benefit. Ideal for heavy foot and light cart traffic. The raised surface design delivers substantial traction and 6" wide borders on 3 sides prevents trips. Available in sizes: 42"x 48", 42"x 66", 42"x 84"
  • Group371
    Whether its oils or liquids, indoors or out, the hazards and challenges are the same for hard-working industrial athletes. They want to do their best, but how can they in wet, slippery conditions? Elevate OR was designed specifically to provide traction and drainage in a wide range of manufacturing operations. The 1-1/8" x 3/4" widely spaced grid design allows fluids and debris to pass freely while elevating employees above it. Elevate is up to 1/3 the weight of conventional rubber drainage mats so it is easy to install, clean, roll up and move. Elevate Connectors allow you to combine sections of mats together. Create longer lengths, wider widths, or custom shapes with the floor hooks. It is recommended that you use 1 connector every 12". It’s time to “Elevate” your employees!
  • Group548

    Out with the old and in with the new and improved! Comfort Deck was a well-loved Wearwell product, but it had a few flaws. There were size limitations, it lacked anti-fatigue benefits and couldn’t be customized. We set out to find a better solution.

    F.I.T.™ Comfort Deck has the surface pattern loved by all with the benefits of F.I.T.!! The highly textured surface design provides extra traction in slippery conditions. The tiles feature an open-hole design that allows for quick drainage resulting in a drier standing area. The unique nub pattern provides the ultimate comfort and anti-fatigue surface for your Industrial Athletes to stand on. You can easily cover and customize any work space and the tiles provide anti-fatigue benefits making your employees healthier and more productive.

  • Group548 KIT
    Think outside the box. A simple, compact and versatile wet area matting solution. F.I.T.™ Kits is a remarkably simple, compact, and versatile matting solution for nearly any environment. Each kit contains all the components for a complete mat. Snap it all together in 5 minutes or less (no cutting or tools required), and you've got an ergonomic workstation that'll last for years. When you're ready to think outside the box, F.I.T.™ Kits is the answer.
  • Group569
    Ideal for cart traffic and pivoting, ErgoDeck Smooth™ Heavy Duty is a robust, high performance solution for wheeled traffic that makes moving heavy loads easier than ever! Unlike soft mats that deform under load, ErgoDeck Smooth features a lightly textured surface that is easy to clean but without compromising traction. Optional 6" (22 cm) wide ramps are cart friendly, allowing easy on-off access.
  • Group223
    Sole-Solution is the end-all, be-all for agriculture, food processing, and other facilities where the prevention of contamination or slips is critical. This one of a kind product is affordable, effective and easy to handle! Sole-Solution costs 40% less than traditional rubber footbath mats and at a fraction of the weight! Don't be fooled! This lightweight packs a heavy punch! In-use, Sole-Solution holds 5 gallons (18.9 liters) of solution, bringing the total weight to 46 lbs (20.86 Kg). Rest assured it will stand guard to stop contaminates in their tracks. Use a sanitizing mix in Sole-Solution to fight cross-contamination in food processing, agriculture and healthcare. Use a degreaser to reduce slips and falls in industrial environments. Simply place outside greasy work stations to eliminate the tracking into other areas. Patent D764,837
  • Group468
    WorkRite is one of our more popular rubber mats –and for good reason! It’s versatile, lightweight and practical. So why mess with a good thing? Because “good” isn’t good enough! Introducing WorkRite II!
  • Group568
    Ideal for cart traffic and pivoting, ErgoDeck Smooth™ is a high performance anti-fatigue surface that makes rolling, stopping and starting movements easier than ever. Unlike soft mats that deform under load, ErgoDeck Smooth features a firm, lightly textured surface delivers a smooth surface for rolling but without compromising traction. Optional 6" (15 cm) wide ramps are cart friendly, allowing easy on-off access.
  • Group552 Kit
    ErgoDeck No-Slip Kit provides a cleated, solid-top surface design, so that particulates and debris do not fall through to the floor. Can be power washed or swept clean with a stiff broom. Ergonomic design effectively combats standing fatigue, while the No-Slip Cleats help prevent unwanted slips and falls. These high traction, ultra-rugged Kits are perfect for individual workstations that reside in some of the toughest and most demanding industrial environments. 6" (15 cm) wide borders on 3 sides prevents trips. Available in sizes: 42"x48" (107 cm x 122 cm), 42"x66" (107 cm x 168 cm), 42"x84" (107 cm x 213 cm) PATENT NO. D740,591
  • Group552
    A high traction, non-slip flooring engineered to out perform and outlast traditional gritted products. ErgoDeck with Integrated No-Slip Cleats [552,553] delivers a sure-footed work surface for maximum productivity, performance, and safety…in even the most demanding workplace conditions! The exclusive “cleated design”—modeled after the cleats that professional athletes wear for traction—overcomes harsh and slick workplace conditions and provides a sure-footed, remarkably resilient standing surface. Slips, trips, and falls is the 3rd leading cause of missed work days and the 4th leading cause of work related death, averaging over $41,000 per claim. No-Slip Cleats addresses these issues directly, providing a common sense alternative to hard and slick concrete. With the use of ErgoDeck No-Slip Cleats, companies can eliminate messy gritted products once and for all. Gritted mats give some temporary traction but wear with use and become slippery with saturation. Unlike gritted mats—which cannot be maintained and cleaned—ErgoDeck with No-Slip Cleats can withstand power washing, scrubbing, and aggressive cleaning. When the problem is slick, dangerous, and unforgiving floors, ErgoDeck with No-Slip Cleats is the definitive solution. PATENT NO. D740,591