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Go. Kneel. Lie down. ROVER is the most unique breed of kneeling mat ever! Yes, it's super soft and durable as a kneeling pad. But this old dog has another quickly converts to a roll for head and neck support. You can also combine 2 ROVERS for dual head and upper back support. Brilliant! ROVER features a unique nitrile-enhanced sponge that is non-conductive, petroleum resistant, and silicone free. PATENT NO. D 673,405

  • 1 product, 3 uses.
  • The only convertible kneel mat!!
  • Nitrile rubber enhanced sponge is petroleum resistant, silicone-free and outperforms traditional PVC sponge mats.
  • Overall thickness 1” (25 mm)

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Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Suitable Environment Dry
Type Anti-Fatigue Matting
Customization Level Standard Sizes Only
Solid or Drainage Solid
Compound Nitrile Infused Sponge
Recycled <10%
Warranty 1 Year
Putting Together Wearwell Part Numbers

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Part Number Description Color Thickness Dimensions Stock Part UOM
515.1x14x21BK ROVER Black 1" 14" x 21" Yes EA
515.1x14x21BK-CS5 ROVER Black 1" 14" x 21" Yes CS-5
Test Specification & Results
Property Test / Result
Flammability MVSS 302 / 'A'; Rating, 0 Burn Rate
Taber Abrasion Not Available
Temperature Range -20 to 200 F
Coefficient of Friction Not Available
Compression Deflection ASTM D 1056 / 25%
Tear Strength Not Available
ESD Rating Not Available
Dielectric Strength Not Available


  • A = Performs well
  •  B = Slightly affected
  •  C = Moderately affected
  • D = Highly affected
  •  U = Not recommended
  •  NT = Not tested
ChemicalUrethaneNitrilePVCCFRSBRNatural Rubber
Acetone U U U C C C
Animal Fats NT A C U U U
Bleach Solution (10% Dilute) NT B B C C C
Boric Acid B A A A A A
Brake Fluid U A B D D D
Brake Fluid (Silicone Based) U A B A B B
Chlorine Solution (3% Dilute) C A B C C C
Citric Acid NT A C C C U
Cutting Fluid (Mineral Oil Based) U B B B C D
Diesel Oil U A B U U U
Ethylene Acetate NT U NT U U U
Ethylene Glycol B A A A A A
Hydraulic Oil (Petroleum) U A B D D D
Hydrochloric Acid Cole (37% Dilute) U C C B B B
Isopropyl Alcohol A B A B B A
Lacquer Solvents U U U U U U
Lindol (Hydraulic Fluid) NT U NT U U U
Mineral Oil C A B A B U
Naptha NT C U U U U
Napthlene U U U U U U
Petroleum U C B D D D
Salt Water A A B B B C
Tolulene U U U U U U
Transmission Fluid (Type A) U B A C U U
Trichloroethane U U U U U U
Vegetable Oil C A B C C C

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Customer Reviews

5 Reviews

Would buy again
good pad, big , use it at work (Posted on 3/1/2018)
Great features!
Unlike any other kneeling pad I've seen. It's like a transformer - converts from a kneeling pad to a neck roll and you can connect one or more. I'm going to order a couple more to keep in my truck. (Posted on 5/18/2015)
Whenever I used to work on my car I was always having to wad up a jacket or whatever I had lying around to support my head and neck and it never stayed put. This is a great solution! I haven't used it for kneeling, but seems like it would do the job just as well. (Posted on 4/21/2015)
Love it!
Can't kneel without it! Has held up well after heavy use. (Posted on 4/21/2015)
The versatility of the Rover makes it great for all types of applications. (Posted on 11/21/2014)