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Group 092

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PermaTack is designed for serious long term contamination control. The unique “tacky” surface removes up to 98% of contaminants from shoes. Just clean the surface and the mats “tackiness” returns. Protect critical environments like labs, clean rooms and pharmacies with PermaTack. No. 092 PermaTack is most effective when each foot touches the mat 3 times over an approximate run of 20’. In that scenario, the surface doesn’t need the concentration of “tackiness” because with each step the contact surface is “fresh”. It really comes down to end-user goals and the area in which it’s being used. The effectiveness for 092 is multi-step (cumulative) compared to 095 which is more of a single step solution for entry ways and smaller areas where floor space is limited. If a higher tack surface is desired then 095 would be the better choice.

  • Permanently tacky surface traps and holds dirt and contaminates from shoe soles
  • Smooth surface electromagnetically attracts airborne particles
  • Adhesive backing holds mat securely in place
  • Use in place of disposable tacky mats to reduce costs and waste

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Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Suitable Environment Dry
Type Contamination Control
Customization Level C1 Custom Length
Solid or Drainage Solid
Compound Vinyl Polymer
Recycled <10%
Warranty 2 Years
Putting Together Wearwell Part Numbers

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Part Number Description Color Thickness Dimensions Stock Part UOM
092.18x27x10BL PermaTack Blue 1/8" 27" x 10' Yes EA
092.18x27x48BL PermaTack Blue 1/8" 27" x 48" Yes EA
092.18x27x72BL PermaTack Blue 1/8" 27" x 72" Yes EA
092.18x36x54BL PermaTack Blue 1/8" 36" x 54" Yes EA
092.18x54x10BL PermaTack Blue 1/8" 54" x 10' Yes EA
092.18x27x20BL PermaTack Blue 1/8" 27" x 20' No EA
092.18x54x20BL PermaTack Blue 1/8" 54" x 20' No EA
Test Specification & Results
Property Test / Result
Flammability Not Available
Taber Abrasion Not Available
Temperature Range 32 to 123 F
Coefficient of Friction 2.02 per ASRM C1028, 4.05 Tortus
Compression Deflection Not Available
Tear Strength Not Available
ESD Rating Dissipative 5 x 108 ohm EOS/ESD 7.1
Dielectric Strength Not Available


  • A = Performs well
  •  B = Slightly affected
  •  C = Moderately affected
  • D = Highly affected
  •  U = Not recommended
  •  NT = Not tested
ChemicalUrethaneNitrilePVCCFRSBRNatural Rubber
Acetone U U U C C C
Animal Fats NT A C U U U
Bleach Solution (10% Dilute) NT B B C C C
Boric Acid B A A A A A
Brake Fluid U A B D D D
Brake Fluid (Silicone Based) U A B A B B
Chlorine Solution (3% Dilute) C A B C C C
Citric Acid NT A C C C U
Cutting Fluid (Mineral Oil Based) U B B B C D
Diesel Oil U A B U U U
Ethylene Acetate NT U NT U U U
Ethylene Glycol B A A A A A
Hydraulic Oil (Petroleum) U A B D D D
Hydrochloric Acid Cole (37% Dilute) U C C B B B
Isopropyl Alcohol A B A B B A
Lacquer Solvents U U U U U U
Lindol (Hydraulic Fluid) NT U NT U U U
Mineral Oil C A B A B U
Naptha NT C U U U U
Napthlene U U U U U U
Petroleum U C B D D D
Salt Water A A B B B C
Tolulene U U U U U U
Transmission Fluid (Type A) U B A C U U
Trichloroethane U U U U U U
Vegetable Oil C A B C C C

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