Wearwell® Introduces: F.I.T.™ Comfort Deck

May 1, 2017

Wearwell® Introduces: F.I.T.™ Comfort Deck

Nashville, TN – May 1, 2017 –  Wearwell announces the debut of their newest product, F.I.T. Comfort Deck. The highly textured surface design provides extra traction and ergonomics in slippery conditions. In fact in wet conditions it delivers 34% more traction than F.I.T. with GRITSHIELD™. The tiles feature an open-hole design that allows for quick drainage resulting in a drier standing area. You can easily cover and customize any work space and the tiles provide anti-fatigue benefits making employees healthier and more productive.

F.I.T. Comfort Deck features our patented LockSafe® System. This positive interlocking system provides numerous benefits including:

  •  Quick installation with little downtime
  • Tiles go together and stay together
  • Ability to customize tiles on-site to build any shape or configuration that you need
  • Tiles can be cut every 3” (8 cm) and still connect
  • Replace single tiles or sections as the work area changes or tiles get damaged

“We’re really excited about this addition to our F.I.T. collection”, says Marketing Manager Taunya Swandal. “Finally!  We can provide Industrial Athletes with long lasting, budget-friendly traction in areas big and small! F.I.T. Comfort Deck is unique in its ability to deliver both safety and comfort in slippery, and often hazardous, conditions.”

Visit www.Wearwell.com for more information or request a sample of F.I.T. Comfort Deck

Wearwell F.I.T. Comfort Deck

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