ROVER™ Kneel Mat

ROVER is a tradesman's best friend, answering to the commands of your trade. Portable and versatile ROVER provides comfort where you need it most.

  • Portable and versatile
  • Built in handle for ease of carrying and storing
  • Standing and kneeling support
  • Overall thickness 1” (2.55 cm)

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Putting Together Wearwell Part Numbers
See an example of how Wearwell puts together their part numbers.

Número de parte Descripción Color Grueso Dimensiones Parte común UOM
514.1x12x22BK ROVER Black 1" 12" x 22" Yes EA
514.1x12x22BK-CS5 ROVER Black 1" 12" x 22" Yes CS
514.1x14x21BK ROVER Black 1" 14" x 21" Yes EA
514.1x14x21BK-CS5 ROVER Black 1" 14" x 21" Yes CS-5
514.1x8x16BK ROVER Black 1" 8" x 16" Yes EA
514.1x8x16BK-CS5 ROVER Black 1" 8" x 16" Yes EA
Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Medio Ambiente adecuadoSeco
Nivel de personalizaciónC1
Drenaje o SólidosSolid
CompuestoNitrile Sponge
Garantía1 Year
Test Specification & Results
PropertyTest / Result
Inflamabilidad MVSS 302 / 'A'; Rating, 0 Burn Rate
abrasión Taber Not Available
Rango de temperatura -20 to 200 F
Coeficiente de Fricción Not Available
compresión de Deflexión ASTM D 1056 / 25%
resistencia al desgarro Not Available
Valoración esd Not Applicable
resistencia dieléctrica Not Available
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Q: Is the Rover available in custom sizes?

A:Standard sizes only

Q: What’s the best way to clean?

A:Wipe down using a damp cloth with a mild soap or detergent.

Q: Can I use the Rover outdoors?

A:Yes you can as long as it's not put in an area where there is pooling fluids.