Growth of the auto manufacturing industry has led to an increase in the number of workers who have experienced job-related injuries. The majority of those industrial athletes are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The stakes are probably not as high in compensation as a professional sport athlete that is injured, but with the twists, moves, pivoting, pulling, etc., that the industrial athlete performs, it could compare to that of the professional athlete. Perhaps even more as their “game time” performance is everyday performing on the job.

Types of Auto Manufacturing Injuries

Auto manufacturing with its physical demands and challenging work environment poses many hazards for Industrial Athletes, attributing to the fact from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, that workers in automobile and motor vehicle manufacturing have higher rates of injury and illness than most other industries. In the automotive industry, Industrial Athletes work around dangerous machinery, assembly line work and many other physically demanding obstacles.

Among the common types of injuries are:

      • Repetitive motion injury

      • Overexertion lifting

      • Slips or trips

      • Struck by object

      • Getting caught in machinery

      • Falls

A serious injury can force the employee to be out of work for weeks or even months. A catastrophic injury such as amputation or serious third-degree burn may leave permanent disabilities, not to mention an extensive amount of physical rehabilitation.

The Real Cost

The Automotive industry has a responsibility for heavy safety standards for the products they make. Additionally, they need to provide workplaces that are safe and free of known hazards. Some companies cut corners on safety to save money, but if they look at the cost of one work related injury, which can cost up to 42K, according to the National Safety Council Injury Facts, it is easy to see that cutting corners on safety could actually cost more money than if they invested in safety.

Slips, trips or falls account for 69% of work related injuries and it is the third leading cause of missed workdays. Having proper flooring, anti-slip mats, markings, footwear can help to reduce the amount of these types of incidents, which improves absenteeism, moral, and finally the bottom dollar line. Safety managers, plant/facility managers need to take a good look at the stats of their facilities, and crunch the statistics to see their results of workplace injuries. Medical, absenteeism, reduction in productivity and moral are all factors.

The automotive industry employs almost a billion people in the U.S. Estimate on average half of them are industrial athletes working in production, tooling, welding or assembly. If you take the national average of a 3% absenteeism rate, factoring the fallout of lost productivity for an absent standing worker on the line, is a staggering statistic in itself. With research that has shown the right field of play can reduce slips, falls and the physical ailments that come from long-term standing, the investment for it is miniscule when you look at the larger landscape.