Wearwell® Introduces: 24/Seven® LockSafe®

Wearwell® Introduces: A Safety Evolution in Modular Rubber Matting

Nashville, TN – September, 2019 – Wearwell announces their patented new design for modular rubber matting. Branded as 24/Seven® LockSafe®, this product features a new rubber interlocking technology that stay secure in use, solving a decades old safety hazard.

The new 24/Seven® LockSafe® out-performs standard rubber matting through its unique positive interlock system. This new technology prevents rubber matting tiles from separating, effectively engineering away problems that are commonly experienced with traditional rubber matting. LockSafe® connections even allow the product to be rolled up and moved without separation.

24/Seven® LockSafe® has separate ramps and corners, creating a system that allows for quicker installation with minimal effort. This means less downtime than traditional rubber matting.

“Zip ties and glue will no longer be thought of as a matting accessory” says Taunya Swandal, Director of Marketing for Wearwell, 24/Seven® LockSafe®is positively one of a kind!

24/Seven® LockSafe® is available in two compounds: Grease Resistant (GR) and Nitrile Rubber (NBR). Versions available in interlocking modular tiles as well as standard workstation sized mats.

More 24/Seven® LockSafe® information and samples available at: Wearwell.com/locksafe

Published at: 06-02-2020