Isam Alshehabi, Production Supervisor, Injection Molding

Isam Alshehabi was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He went to Dijlah University (Baghdad) for a bachelor in computer engineering technology and Motlow State Community College (Smyrna, TN campus) for an associate's in Business Administration.
Isam previously worked as an operations team lead for FedEx supply chain (Computer refurbishing facility). He is married to Sophia and has a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter, Katherine Svetlana.
Isam is fluent in both Arabic and English. Both he and his wife love traveling and have been to a total of 11 countries. His goal is to visit every country in the world and learn about their culture and history.
The three things that Isam enjoys the most are working on cars, driving long distances, and inspiring people around him!
Published at: 26-08-2021