Introducing FOUNDATION Modular Work Platforms

Work platforms play a critical role in the health, safety, and performance of Industrial Athletes.  Proper elevation to the task at hand is an often-overlooked element of ergonomics.  Overreaching puts team members in awkward postures affecting their health, performance, and balance.  Work platforms are a solution, but not all are created equally.

FOUNDATION is a highly adaptable modular work platform system, engineered to deliver all the strength and stability of traditional platforms. This surprisingly lightweight system provides all the support your team demands and more! Each tile boasts a load rating of 400 lbs. and is manufactured using 100% recycled Polypropylene to stand up to a wide range of chemicals. Custom plywood platforms require expensive man-hours, unpredictable material costs, and precious production time.  Time is money and there’s never time for downtime!  Install FOUNDATION in a fraction of the time and reconfigure at any time.


Published at: 01-02-2022