ErgoDeck MAX Diamond-Plate

Vorbei sind die Tage, an denen man zwischen Komfort und Individualisierung wählen muss. Wir stellen eine modulare Fliese vor, die Flexibilität, Leistung und Sicherheit auf ein Maximum bringt - ErgoDeck MAX. ErgoDeck Max mit patentierter LockSafe-Technologie. hält sicher, kann aber bei Bedarf auseinander genommen und wieder verbunden werden. Dieses revolutionäre Produkt verwendet ein universelles Kantensystem für einfache Konfiguration und Installation. Jeder Bereich verfügt über Senkbohrungen für semipermanente Installationen und Traktionsbalken für zusätzliche Rutschsicherheit. ErgoDeck Max hat eine lebenslange Garantie.

  • Patentierte, robuste ErgoDeck Oberfläche
  • Nitricell Premium-Schwamm core
  • Das ineinandergreifende Positive System verhindert Separierung
  • Ersetzen Sie einzelne Teile oder Sektionen je nach Bedarf, um Kosten zu sparen
  • 100 % silikonfreie PVC-Fliesen bieten maximale Haltbarkeit
  • Gesamtdicke: 7/8 Zoll (22 mm)

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Putting Together Wearwell Part Numbers
See an example of how Wearwell puts together their part numbers.

Teilenummer Beschreibung Farbe Dicke Maße Auf lagerteil UOM
599.78x18x18BK-CS10 ErgoDeck MAX Black 7/8" 18" x 18" Yes CS-10
599.78x18x18CH-CS10 ErgoDeck MAX Charcoal 7/8" 18" x 18" Yes CS-10

Ramps and accessories

Teilenummer Beschreibung Farbe Dicke Maße Auf lagerteil UOM

ErgoDeck ramps provide a professional finish and a smooth on-off transition for your ErgoDeck flooring. Also known as edging, ErgoDeck ramps work to prevent trips while calling out the perimeter of the workspace.

Yellow 7/8" 6" x 18" Yes CS-10
560.78x6x18BK-CS10 ErgoDeck Ramp Black 7/8" 6" x 18" Yes CS-10
561.78x6x18BK-CS10 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty with Grit Shield Ramp Black Case Black 7/8" 6" x 18" Nein CS-10
560.78x6x36AL ErgoDeck Aluminiumrampe Aluminum 15cm x 91cm Yes EA
Outside corner
560.78x6x15x15YL-CS4 ErgoDeck Outside Corner Yellow 7/8" 6" x 15" x 15" Yes CS-4
561.78x6x15x15BK-CS4 ErgoDeck Heavy Duty with Grit Shield Outside Corner Black Black 7/8" 6" x 15" x 15" Nein CS-4
560.78x6x15x15AL ErgoDeck Aluminiumrampe außerhalb der Ecke Aluminum 7/8" 15cm x 38cm x 38cm Yes EA
560.78x6x15x15BK-CS4 ErgoDeck Outside Corner Black 7/8" 6" x 15" x 15" Yes CS-4
Inside corner

The ErgoDeck inside corner allows for any possible configuration of ErgoDeck. Wearwell’s inside corner fits snug, preventing trips and calling out the perimeter of the workspace.

Black 7/8" 6" x 9" x 9" Yes EA
560.78x6x9x9YL ErgoDeck Inside Corner Yellow 7/8" 6" x 9" x 9" Yes EA
561.78x6x9x9BK ErgoDeck Heavy Dutywith Grit Shield Inside Corner Black Black 7/8" 6" x 9" x 9" Nein EA
560.78x6x9x9AL ErgoDeck Aluminiumrampe außerhalb der Ecke Aluminum 7/8" 6" x 9" x 9" Yes EA
Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Geeignete UmweltTrocken
Anpassung EbeneC3 – Frei wählbar (Länge, Breite, Form)
Feste oder DrainageDrainage
zusammengesetztPVC/Premium Nitricell Sponge
Garantie3 Jahre
Test Specification & Results
PropertyTest / Result
Entzündbarkeit MVSS 302 / 'A'-Bewertung
Taber Abnutzung ASTM D 3884 / 1 % Verlust
Temperaturspanne 0 to 120 F
Coefficienct der Friktion ASTM F1677 / Trocken: Reibwert = 0,65 / Nass: Reibwert = 0,42
Kompression Ablenkung ASTM D575-91 / 14,15 %
der Riss Schwere Nicht verfügbar
ESD Bewertung Nicht verfügbar
Dielektrische Festigkeit Nicht verfügbar


  • A = Funktioniert gut
  • B = Leicht beeinträchtigt
  • C = Mäßig beeinträchtigt
  • D = Stark beeinträchtigt
  • U = Nicht empfohlen
  • NT = Nicht getestet
Chemisch Urethan Nitril PVC CFR SBR Naturkautschuk
Aceton U U U C C C
Tierische Fette NT A C U U U
Bleichlösung (10 % Verdünnung) NT B B C C C
Borsäure B A A A A A
Bremsflüssigkeit U A B D D D
Bremsflüssigkeit (Silikonbasis) U A B A B B
Chlorlösung (3 % Verdünnung) C A B C C C
Zitronensäure NT A C C C U
Kühlschmierstoff (Mineralölbasis) U B B B C D
Dieselöl U A B U U U
Ethylenacetat NT U NT U U U
Ethylenglykol B A A A A A
Hydrauliköl (Petroleum) U A B D D D
Salzsäure (37 % Verdünnung) U C C B B B
Isopropylalkohol A B A B B A
Lacklösungsmittel U U U U U U
Lindol (Hydraulikflüssigkeit) NT U NT U U U
Mineralöl C A B A B U
Naphtha NT C U U U U
Naphthalin U U U U U U
Petroleum U C B D D D
Salzwasser A A B B B C
Toluol U U U U U U
Getriebeöl (Typ A) U B A C U U
Trichlorethan U U U U U U
Pflanzenöl C A
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Q: What are the benefits of using anti-fatigue flooring?

A: Anti-fatigue flooring is designed to offer a wide range of benefits to employees and employers. Anti-Fatigue flooring can increase worker productivity, reduce slips, trips and falls and improve the overall health of your employees.

Q: How does anti-fatigue flooring improve overall health of my employees?

A: Standing long-term, especially on hard, unforgiving concrete leads to lower back pain, swelling of joints and poor circulation that can lead to varicose veins. Standing on anti-fatigue flooring allows for continuous muscle movement which leads to increased blood flow to the legs, feet and back. Continuous blood circulation reduces fatigue, alleviates back pain and reduces swelling.

Q: How does anti-fatigue flooring increase employee productivity?

A: Fatigue eventually leads to lack of focus and concentration on the task at hand. Anti-fatigue flooring reduces worker fatigue allowing them to remain focused on the job at hand.

Q: What if one tile gets damaged?

A: Simply remove it and replace with a new tile.

Q: How do you connect a ramp to the side of the tile that has connectors?

A: Simply cut off the interlocks on the ramp.

Q: How do I cut ErgoDeck tiles?

A: ErgoDeck is a robust product. While it can be cut with a utility knife, we suggest a band saw or similar cutting equipment for larger installations.

Q: Do I need to use adhesives or special tools?

A: One of the biggest benefits of the LockSafe system is a secure, dependable connection that snaps together and holds tight in-use, but zips apart for reconfiguration or replacement! No tools are necessary for the assembly or disassembly, however, a rubber mallet is sometimes used in installation to quickly "lock" the connectors. Alternatively, they can be "locked" by walking along the edges of each tile.

Q: Can I use it over grating or catwalks?

A: ErgoDeck MAX has a sponge base for ergonomics over solid surfaces. For grating, we suggest using our ErgoDeck Heavy-Duty or Cleated products.

Q: I have a large, unique area to cover. How do I know how much product to order?

A: If you need help determining exactly how many tiles and how many feet of edging, we have field experts in your area that are happy to assist. Just inquire about our FREE Site Survey!

Q: Are the colors shown on your website the exact color I should expect to receive?

A: No, because monitors vary so there may be a slight variance in the color. If color choice is critical, we suggest that you order a sample. Due to manufacturing processes and material dye lots, color can vary, but our products fall within an industry-standard acceptable variation.