FOUNDATION Diamond-Plate Tiles

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These 18" x 18" (.46 cm x .46 cm) tiles are for use with the FOUNDATION modular platform system to elevate employees to the proper height for optimum health, safety, and performance. Quickly build and install FOUNDATION in the fraction of the time of traditional platforms.

This surprisingly lightweight system provides all the support your team demands and more! Each 2.75" (7 cm) thick tile boasts a load rating of 400 lbs. and is manufactured of 100% recycled polypropylene to stand up to a wide range of chemicals.

Available in 3 surface patterns, the Diamond-Plate pattern offers more than rugged good looks - it provides undeniable traction!

  • Made from 100% Recycled polypropylene (Post-consumer)
  • For use with FOUNDATION modular platform system
  • 400 lb. (181.5kg) load capacity per tile
  • Eyelets for easy removal and reconfiguration
  • Elevates workspaces over cords, hoses, and hazards
  • Available in singles or in a case of 4
  • Made in the USA

Learn more about our FOUNDATION modular platform system here!

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Putting Together Wearwell Part Numbers
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Numéro de la pièce La description Couleur Épaisseur Dimensions Partie courante UOM
F03.18x18BK FOUNDATION Diamond-Plate Tiles 18" x 18" Black 2.75” 18" x 18" Yes Each
F03.18x18BK-CS4 FOUNDATION Diamond-Plate Tiles 18" x 18", Case of 4 Black 2.75” 18" x 18" Yes Case of 4
Parameters of Category: Specifications - General
Environnement ConvientHumide
la CatégoriePlatform
Personnalisation NiveauC3
Drainage ou solideSolid
Garantie1 year
Test Specification & Results
PropertyTest / Result
Inflammabilité FMVSS 302: Pass B
Taber Abrasion ASTM D3884: 0% @1000 cycles
Température ambiante 32-160F
Coefficienct de frottement ASTM F2913-19: 1.09 dry, 0.90 wet
Débattement de compression Not Applicable
La force des larmes Not Applicable
Estimation d'ESD Not Applicable
Rigidité diélectrique Not Applicable
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Q: How much weight can your platforms take?

A: 400 lbs. per tile capacity

Q: How do I determine which tile I need for FOUNDATION?

A: The type of tile will depend on the type of work you are doing. Smooth tiles are better for dry areas and the only tile approved for cart traffic. Open tiles are best for wet areas, overspray and working around heavy duty liquids and chemicals. Diamond-plate provides industrial grade looks, traction and allows workers to perform with top speed and power in typical manufacturing environments.

Q: Can FOUNDATION get wet?

A: FOUNDATION can get wet. We recommend Open or Diamond-Plate for wet areas. Smooth is not recommended for wet.

Q: Will FOUNDATION become slippery to work on when wet?

A: FOUNDATION will not become slippery when the proper surface is used. Open surface has traction points and allows overspray and liquids to drain through. Diamond-Plate has protruding diamonds to grip users feet and allow them to plant firmly in wet with water areas.

Q: Can vehicles be used atop FOUNDATION?

A: Carts and certain rolling equipment can be used on the Smooth surface, but considerations must be made as the point load from a wheel can reduce the tile's max capacity of 400 lbs. To enquire further, determine the weight of the cart, your wheel diameter and width, and reach out to a Wearwell expert

Q: Can carts be used atop FOUNDATION?

A: Carts can be used atop Smooth FOUNDATION. We recommend wheels with a soft (rubber or urethane surface), a diameter of at least 5" and a width of at least 2".

Q: Can FOUNDATION handle chemical spills?

A: FOUNDATION surface tiles are made of polypropylene. This is good at handling chemicals. We recommend Open Tiles to allow chemicals to drain through the surface. However, no material is resistant to all chemicals. If it your application will expose Foundation to frequent exposure to chemicals contact a Wearwell expert.

Q: What is FOUNDATION made from?

A: FOUNDATION is made from extruded aluminum and polypropylene surface tiles

Q: Is FOUNDTION anti-fatigue?

A: FOUNDATION is not created to be anti-fatigue. It is better than concrete, but mats can also be used atop FOUNDATION to provide fatigue relief.

Q: How much weight will it support? Per beam? ?

A: FOUNDATION can support 400 lbs. per tile. A fully loaded system with 72" long beams will see a load of 1100 lbs.

Q: How heavy are they?

A: Each tile is about 5.5 lbs. while each leg/beam assembly is about 11.5 lbs.

Q: What pattern top surfaces are available?

A: FOUNDATION top surfaces include Smooth, Open, and Diamond-Plate. Smooth is best for cart traffic, anti-fatigue mats, and dry areas. Open is best for heavy duty chemicals, slick spots, and overspray. Diamond-Plate is best for general purpose work and has ridges for extra traction.

Q: Are they nonconductive?

A: FOUNDATION is not non-conductive. Non-conductive products can be used atop FOUNDATION.

Q: Are the tiles interchangeable for different designs?

A: Tiles are interchangeable for different designs.

Q: Can you cut a tile and still use it?

A: We do not recommend you cut the tiles. There should not be any reason to cut the tiles. Please contact us if you have questions on this.

Q: How do you clean them?

A: FOUNDATION can be pressure washed. FOUNDATION can also be washed with soap and water, or swept in dry areas. Avoid solvents that interact with polypropylene

Q: Can you remove a center tile to get access underneath?

A: You can remove any tile at any time, no matter the location. Each FOUNDATION tile comes with 4 openings for a hook key. This allows any tile to be pulled up.

Q: Can we get yellow borders?

A: Yellow borders can be painted on Tiles by purchasing the optional yellow spray-paint. Painting is done by the user so they can get it the way they want.

Q: How chemical resistant are they?

A: FOUNDATION is incredibly chemical resistant. The aluminum framework is lightweight and strong, while the post consumer recycled polypropylene tiles can resist heavy oils and chemicals.

Q: Are they food grade?

A: No

Q: Is this system compatible with ErgoDeck tiles?

A: ErgoDeck tiles cannot be used instead of FOUNDATION tiles. However, ErgoDeck can be used atop FOUNDATION as an anti-fatigue floor. We recommend using ErgoDeck atop FOUNDATION Smooth tiles

Q: Can you add an anti-fatigue mat on top? If so, which one do you recommend?

A: Anti fatigue mats can be used atop FOUNDATION. We recommend using either WOW! mats, or ErgoDeck atop FOUNDATION Smooth.

Q: Does FOUNDATION come with a leveling feet or leg adjuster?

A: FOUNDATION does not come with leg/feet adjusters. FOUNDATION is more stable without them. If you have special heightquestions, please reach out to us.


A: FOUNDATION is very green, and each tile is even made from 100% post consumer recycled materials.

Q: How do the tiles interlock?

A: FOUNDATION's patented system uses tiles with a clip connector that slides over a rib on each beam.

Q: Does it say Wearwell on the tiles?

A: Yes

Q: Can ESD and static control be used on top of these tiles ?

A: Yes, ESD mats can be used atop FOUNDATION

Q: What recycled products are used to make FOUNDATION tiles?

A: Used food containers are the most common feedstock