Special Protection for Slick Floors

Ever had a floor that was so slippery, it felt hard to walk on? How about working on that, hour after hour, day after day? Slick floors including epoxy and dusty concrete can cause major hazards. For slippery floors, Wearwell's WOW! Finish seals the deal, finally making the mat part of the floor! 


Designed for your Environment

Just like construction sites require hard hats, some floors require specialized surfaces or materials to provide sure footing and a safe place to work.

WOW Finish


At Wearwell, we know standing workers often have unique challenges, whether it’s confined spaces, working around oils, gasses, hard surfaces, or explosives. Wearwell designs products to help standing workers feel & perform their best, while sustaining that workload day after day. 

Wearwell continually designs products with standing worker in mind, which is why we introduced the WOW! Finish:




What is the WOW! Finish?

WOW! is a specialized finish, newly invented by Wearwell. While all Wearwell products fall well within the NFSI (National Flooring Safety Institute’s) slip prevention measures, Wearwell recognized that some workers have unique needs that require a well-tailored solution to prevent mats from sliding. As an example, workers on extremely slick epoxy and dusty concrete both experience this challenge. The WOW! Finish simply takes our very best products and adds a value benefit to users who experience sliding mats.

WOW! is fantastically durable, and can be peeled up and moved numerous times! Even when it starts to become coated in debris, it will keep to the floor.  


No more curled edges:

Another common problem with workstation matting, is that the mat itself is constantly pushed into the front of the workstation- flipping and warping an edge. Once the edge gets flipped, the mat could be a trip hazard. WOW! puts an end to this. Once the WOW! mat is on the floor, no kicking or stepping will move it around. WOW! also remains easy to peel back for repositioning and re-design.


Social Distancing your mats:

These days, social distancing has become a common topic. Believe it or not, it relates to matting as well! Placing workstation matting 6-feet apart is a great way to separate work functions, and designate a safe workspace. The problem is, this will NOT work if the mats move and shift over time.

As soon as a mat comes too close to the next person over, the system is broken. Anti-slide mats like WOW! solve this, and are important to ensuring properly distanced workstations. Peace of mind is everything these days, so be sure you have taken all the precautions to protect your workforce!

Set it, and forget it:

For the very first time, WOW! allows your mats to become part of your floor. The mat itself becomes the designated safe work-space for each team member to perform their function. Premium ergonomics provide fatigue relief, and the non- slide WOW! finish keeps your team safely apart- while working together.


Anti-Microbial TileTop with WOW! 



Diamond-Plate with WOW!


The WOW! Finish is a great addition to any working environment. Wearwell takes pride in delivering high-quality materials to well deserving standing workers. We know they work hard- and we are proud to support them from the ground up.