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If you could decrease your absenteeism by over 20% with one simple investment, would it peak your interest? That’s exactly what happened for one company who measured their results in a 2-year study with Wearwell!


Before Wearwell, absenteeism had been running out of control. With an average rate of 5.2%, huge amounts of money were being lost on a yearly basis. Not only does this have an administrative cost, but a major productivity cost as well!

Wearwell knew what our products could do for them, so we decided to prove it with hard ROI facts! A one-year measurement on concrete was conducted as a benchmark. We studied their absenteeism, injury rates, and productivity over the year, and here is what we found:


Absenteeism Rate


Injury Ratio

3 per month


Measured to determine baseline


These numbers speak for themselves. To address these major challenges, Wearwell implemented a matting program like we do for any customer. We came to their facility, looked at the major fatigue and exertion challenges, took measurements, and outfitted all the standing workers with properly recommended anti-fatigue matting! The results were stunning!


Study on Absentee and Injury

Absenteeism dropped  from 5.2% before Wearwell, to 4% after the implementation of a Wearwell program. That’s a 23% improvement in absenteeism!

Before Wearwell, injury rates were through the roof! After all, the #1 Workers Comp Spend is on simple overexertion injuries. (NSC 2012)
fatigue paradigm

After implementing Wearwell’s program, injury rates dropped 70%! Take it from the most trusted Brand in the industry:  quality matters, and our products are one of the single best investments you can make in your Workforce. We have always kept laser focus on the industrial athlete because we consider it our responsibility to send them home in the same working condition as when they walked in for their shift. Wearwell: Prevent, Perform, Compete!

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By: Alec Greenberg

Content Marketing Specialist