dont overlook ergonomics

Every production has a process...

Whether it’s creating something from raw materials or assembling parts to produce a final product. In many processes, there are many repetitive movements. Repetitive motion can lead to many health issues, like tendonitis or other MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders). MSDs are one of the leading causes of workers compensation and absenteeism in manufacturing, in turn causing a domino effect with losses in productivity and employee retention.

There are studies performed in many industries to study processes in production. Observations of workplace conditions and work processes, ergonomic job analyses, workplace surveys, and interviews are some of the common proactive methods for identifying ergonomics-related injury risks.

Some of the discovered risk factors include...

  • Exerting excessive force
  • Repetitive motion or performing the same similar task
  • Processes that require awkward postures
  • Localized pressure into the body
  • Contact with vibrating surfaces

The risk of MSD injury depends on the frequency the task performed, the level of required effort, duration of the task, plus other factors that could also attribute to injury.

Ways to eliminate risk factors...

Facilities should observe their production processes from an ergonomic standpoint, to eliminate as many of the above risk factors as possible. Implement tools to reduce the excessive force, create interruption in repetitive tasks, raise or lower the workspace or employee to fit in order to avoid awkward postures, introduce ergonomic flooring or mats over concrete, to reduce pressure impact points on the body and vibrations.

The results of these efforts can be significant reverse in the domino effect in both productivity and employee retention, as well as a direct correlation to workers compensation and absenteeism.

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