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  • Group590
    Our two most popular products rolled into one! A double hitter, ErgoDeck with Diamond-Plate scores across the board. The box-spring foundation compresses under foot providing anti-fatigue benefits and the necessary structure to support heavy foot traffic. The All-Star Diamond-Plate surface pattern delivers dependable traction and gives you the Industrial look your facility has come to appreciate.
  • Group300
    Put your Industrial Athlete on the Starting Line! Starting Line is one of a kind champion in anti-fatigue matting. The durable material joined with a specialized process makes it more resistant to wear and tear than conventional PVC sponge products, but at a comparable price. Fatigue-fighting domes compress underfoot, but bounce back time and time again. Incredible lightweight and flexible, even long lengths can be easily rolled up and rolled away for maintenance and handling. Starting Line is an excellent budget-friendly alternative or replacement for vulnerable sponge products. Patent D763,600.
  • Group566 KIT
    ErgoDeck General Purpose (GP) provides a stable, solid, and resilient foundation underfoot. It features a raised textured design that provides sure footing while enhancing workplace aesthetics. ErgoDeck General Purpose has the same box-spring foundation as ErgoDeck Heavy Duty, but is made with a softer compound for greater anti-fatigue benefit. Ideal for heavy foot and light cart traffic. The raised surface design delivers substantial traction and 6" wide borders on 3 sides prevents trips. Available in sizes: 42"x 48", 42"x 66", 42"x 84"
  • Group548

    Out with the old and in with the new and improved! Comfort Deck was a well-loved Wearwell product, but it had a few flaws. There were size limitations, it lacked anti-fatigue benefits and couldn’t be customized. We set out to find a better solution.

    F.I.T.™ Comfort Deck has the surface pattern loved by all with the benefits of F.I.T.!! The highly textured surface design provides extra traction in slippery conditions. The tiles feature an open-hole design that allows for quick drainage resulting in a drier standing area. The unique nub pattern provides the ultimate comfort and anti-fatigue surface for your Industrial Athletes to stand on. You can easily cover and customize any work space and the tiles provide anti-fatigue benefits making your employees healthier and more productive.

  • Group591
    The ultimate ergonomic floor for heavy use. ErgoDeck Diamond-Plate Heavy Duty Solid, offers the industrial look that says stand on me, I can take it. Patented LockSafe® Positive Interlocking System design delivers secure connections yet still offers the ability to unlock tiles for repositioning as work centers change to fit production needs. The optional 6” (15 cm) side safety ramps and corners have countersunk holes for semi-permanent installation. ErgoDeck Diamond-Plate Heavy Duty is the best choice in areas with heavy cart and foot traffic. Why? A firmer compound and underside box-spring design provides structural support and impact absorption providing health, safety and productivity benefits. Even in the hardest wet or dry, multi-shift operations.
  • Group569
    Ideal for cart traffic and pivoting, ErgoDeck Smooth™ Heavy Duty is a robust, high performance solution for wheeled traffic that makes moving heavy loads easier than ever! Unlike soft mats that deform under load, ErgoDeck Smooth features a lightly textured surface that is easy to clean but without compromising traction. Optional 6" (22 cm) wide ramps are cart friendly, allowing easy on-off access.
  • Group599
    Gone are the days of having to choose between comfort and customization. Introducing a modular tile that takes flexibility, performance and safety to the max - ErgoDeck MAX. ErgoDeck Max with patented LockSafe technology holds secure but can be taken apart and reconnected on demand. This revolutionary product utilizes a universal edging system for simple configuration and installation. Each section features counter sunk holes for semi-permanent installations and traction bars for added slip prevention. ErgoDeck Max carries a Limited-Lifetime Warranty.
  • Group447
    WeldSafe has a specially formulated SBR rubber surface that repels sparks and hot metal shards. This surface material has a melt point of over 500⁰ Fahrenheit. The Nitrile enhanced Nitricell sponge base absorbs repeated compression and bounces back to its original form better than any PVC sponge alternative. WeldSafe - Accept no substitutes in your critical welding applications!
  • Group423

    Soft Rock is the modern and adaptable matting solution for labs, hotels, retail outlets, and other facilities where workers stand on hard tiles and concrete. Easy to clean, Soft Rock anti-microbial surface helps keep the workplace germ-free for a fraction of the price of other similar mats on the market. Allow 7 business days for manufacturing.

  • Group468
    WorkRite is one of our more popular rubber mats –and for good reason! It’s versatile, lightweight and practical. So why mess with a good thing? Because “good” isn’t good enough! Introducing WorkRite II!
  • Group568
    Ideal for cart traffic and pivoting, ErgoDeck Smooth™ is a high performance anti-fatigue surface that makes rolling, stopping and starting movements easier than ever. Unlike soft mats that deform under load, ErgoDeck Smooth features a firm, lightly textured surface delivers a smooth surface for rolling but without compromising traction. Optional 6" (15 cm) wide ramps are cart friendly, allowing easy on-off access.
  • Group415
    Diamond-Plate SpongeCote is a Hall of Famer for value in a fatigue fighting mat. That’s why it is the #1 Best Selling product in its class. Nitrile enhanced Nitricell sponge absorbs repeated compression and bounces back to its original form better than any PVC sponge alternative. That means longer life and greater productivity improvement for hard working industrial athletes. Diamond-Plate SpongeCote gives your team the edge it needs to win.